Sitemap - 2023 - Sounds Good!

Easy Star All-Stars: Ziggy Stardub

Happy New Year’s Eve 2023

Poem: You Can’t Handle The Messiah!

The Last Time I’ll Write About Music…in 2023

I Always Find It So Hard To Read On Holiday…

So That Was Christmas!

Poem: So, This Was Christmas?

Juliana Hatfield: Juliana Hatfield Sings ELO

The Best Albums In 2023 That I Never Even Bothered Reviewing Because No One Reads/Needs Reviews

Poem: Any Thought In A Storm

New Second Storey Teller Track: Half a Cookie

I Done Good Reading This Year!

Poem: I Kept A Gratitude Diary In My Basement, Tied To A Pole. I Fed It Bread And Water Every Two Days...Until I "Forgot"

Kate Simon: Rebel Music - Bob Marley & Roots Reggae

New Second Storey Teller Track: Slow Ox

Poem: Solitude Standing

Covid Watching Diary (December 13-18)

Poem: All Your Excuses

James Taylor’s Greatest Hits

It’s The End of The Year (As We Know It) And I DON’T Feel Fine

Poem: Things We Said Today About The Beatles That Your Mother Should Know

Dirty Spoons' Final Show For 2023: MOON, Sunday, December 17, 3pm with Topdresser and Interlopers

Defending Albert Brooks

Playlist: Summer Songs

Music Journalism Is Back!

Read The Beatles: New Book Collecting Obsession Unlocked!

Philip Norman: George Harrison - The Reluctant Beatle

Dolly Parton: Rockstar

Poem: Unfair

The Beatles Playlists

The Best Single-Season/Limited-Series TV Shows I Watched in 2023

Gig Review: The Craftiness of this Power Station still Works! Kraftwerk live from the edge of this world

R.I.P. Shane MacGowan

Spotify Wraps 2023

The Master of Mergers & Acquisitions

Favourite Books About TV

Poem: Transcription of Silence

Poem: Poem For The New Government, Arriving 40 Days Late But Coming Just As Soon As They Can!

Playlist: The World Is Not Ending (Yet)

Treasure Island - The Pantomime: Theatre

Albums I Could Not Live Without (Part 2) - The Beatles Together and Solo

Poem: I’m Not A Total Try-Hard Troglodyte, I’m Just Cosplaying Nostalgia

The Best Music Book of the Year Is Here And I Must Have It!

The Subtle Devastation of the Right Kind of Very Sad Film

Gig Review: Kristin Hersh Stares Through You And So Do Her Songs

The Brilliance of OutKast - and especially Andre 3000

Playlist: If You Must Know - Songs That Are Masterpieces

Poem: With Almost Any Kind of Luck

New Poems (Oct/Nov 2023)

Poem: "They're Only The Band The Beatles Could Have Been"

Ranking Scorsese

Dirty Spoons at the Brooklyn Twilight Festival, Saturday, November 11

Playlist: What Is The What

Happy 80th Birthday Joni Mitchell

The Oasis Book

Poem: He Tried To Be Better Than He Was

Favourite Films of 1974

Lament For The Numb: 30th Anniversary Vinyl Edition!

FIVE MUST READ MEMOIRS for The Christmas Holidays

Gig Review: The Slick Sounding Fox Band Makes Music Jump And There Are No Lazy Rhymes

Gig Review: The Slick Sounding Fox Band Makes Music Jump And There Are No Lazy Rhymes

"Could it 'BE' any more tragic?" - A Eulogy (of sorts) for Matthew Perry aka Chandler Bing

Poem: Throwing Rocks

Gig Review: The Penguin Really Does Go! (Go!) - GoGo Penguin Live at the Wellington Jazz Festival

Gig Preview: Dirty Spoons, Common Room, Hastings Fringe, Saturday, November 4, 2023

Gig Review: The Penguin Really Does Go! (Go!) - GoGo Penguin Live at the Wellington Jazz Festival

Some things Old, some things from the News, some things Borrowed, and some Blues: `(Take 4)

Poem: Tracy Chapman's First Album is a Balm

Yes, You Can Totally Read The Book AFTER Seeing The Film, Right?!

Killers of the Flower Moon is The Greatest Film Ever Made: FACT!

Poem: Eyes For Xmas

The Music of Martin Scorsese

Playlist: The Jazz of Shapes To Come

The Must-Read Julia Fox Memoir

Poem: A Post Election Blues

Playlist: Sunday Synth Fest

Random Film News Based on Random Viewing

Poem: The Rag and Bone Shop Sells Art

Only CDs Is Sounding Like These # 2: The Necks, Hanging Gardens (1999)

Short Story: "It's A Great Day For New Zealand", says Fitzy and Bluey

30 Albums That Are 30 Years Old That I Still Listen To

The Apparent Rise of Reading Fashion

Playlist: Carry On Calmly

Favourite Films of 1973

Short Story: Drag

The Subscriber Digest: October 2023

Poem: The Third Thing

Keep Calm And Carry CDs

From The Archives: The Joe Walsh Interview

Short Story: Bit-Part

Playlist: Dinosaur Jr at the Fillmore in San Francisco, September 2023

America: That's a (W)rap!

Short Story: Life’s A Drag

Playlist: Tangerine Dream Setlist: San Francisco, September 2023

Poem: Holidays and Poems

STILL Making Sense!

Quaint: Digital Flaneur (EP)

Stewart Copeland: Police Deranged For Orchestra

Only CDs Is Sounding Like These # 1: Suzanne Vega, Nine Objects of Desire (1996)

“Weird Al” Yankovic: WEIRD - The Al Yankovic Story (Original Soundtrack)

Poem: Watching the first “Carrie” remake after all these years

Even Natalie Merchant Catches A Cold Sometimes!

We Go On Holiday! We Buy Books! (I Was Not Joking When I Said This Earlier)

Gig Review: Dinosaur Jr (Sept 22, San Francisco, USA)

Poem: Progressive Attempt

Favourite Films of 1972

Poem: Recycling

Gig Review: Tangerine Dream (Sept 20, San Francisco, USA)

Some San Fran Sounds

Where Have All The Cowgirls Gone?

TL;DR - I Fell In Love With Writing Letters (Again)

Poem: Delivery

Only CDs Is Sounding Like These: New Series

Movies Of My Life # 30: 8mm

Ten Films I Just Like Hanging Out With

Poem: Shaking It Off

A Friday morning musical miscellany

Drummers You Just Can’t Beat: # 22 – Moe Tucker

Writing While Away

Playlist: Bloody Good Horror Scores

V/A: A Song For Leon - A Tribute To Leon Russell

Poem: Beast/s

What’s your TV Show Hot Take?

Playlist: Everything But The XX

Hans Zimmer: LIVE

Poem: Laminar Flow

One Hundred Cues For A Thousand Screams

Dirty Spoons: Live at Next Big Thing, Masterton (August 19)

Playlist: Some Kind of Sign

Poem: The Music from 'The Stand' Is On A Loop

My Upcoming Holiday Reads

Short Story: Steering Clear

Favourite Films of 1971

Poem: Cellular

The Subscriber Digest: September 2023

Pawn Shop Marimbas, A Bottle Full of Rain, It’s Memories That I’m Stealing: When Tom Waits Decided To See What It Would Sound Like If Captain Beefheart Had Sung The Threepenny Opera

Playlist: Nick Cave's Red Hand Files Introduction to the Music of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

The Kiwi 33 1/3 Books

How I Donated Three Hours of My Life to Christopher Nolan’s Biggest Wank And Came Away Feeling Like an Old Gym Sock

Poem: Floppenheimer

Playlist: I Know What I Like

Poem: When Your Comfort Is Shook

Beth Orton Was Brilliant. And She’s Back. And Coming To New Zealand!

Sebastian Bell: WOMB - EP

Natalie Merchant: Keep Your Courage

Write of Passage

Poem: The Back of My Memory

Oscar Sweetman And The Shawshank Redemption

30 Great Songs From The Last 30 Years

Poem: Snack On The Rich

Playlist: Simone Came For Dinner

Ned Wenlock: Tsunami

Poems. And Ideas That Would Like To Be Poems.

Dirty Spoons at The Next Big Thing, Saturday, August 19, Masterton

Poem: Apprenticeship Novels

What A Good Score! – #31: The Killing Fields by Mike Oldfield

True Man, I Liked Barbie

Three Very Special Pop Albums I Love

Playlist: Coming In From The Cold

R.I.P. Rodriguez

When Bob Dylan Was 42

Poem: Framework

Oscar Sweetman Reviews the NZ Book Awards YA Finalists

Still Shining

Some things Old, some things from the News, some things Borrowed, and some Blues: (Take 3)

Here's A (Happy) Wee Memory...

Poem: Three Pies For Lunch

Mark Lockett: Swings & Roundabouts

Gig Review: Bic Runga Is Better Than I Have Ever Seen Her - The Songs As Good As I Remembered

Gig Review: Bic Runga Is Better Than I Have Ever Seen Her - The Songs As Good As I Remembered

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Poem: Disappointment is the only appointment I keep

Five (or six) Forever Friday Favourites

Some Sinead O’Connor Favourites

R.I.P. Sinead O’Connor

R.I.P. Sinead O’Connor


Playlist: Barack Obama's Summer Listening Playlist 2023

Dirty Spoons at MOON this Friday, July 28, opening for QUAINT (EP Release Party)

Barbie and Oppenheimer Selflessly Saved Cinema This Weekend

The King Loser Film Is The Big Winner This Year

Having A Good Time with Banned Books

Books That Blew My Mind # 10: “The Complete Prose of Woody Allen” by Woody Allen

Poem: Dinner With An Old Friend

Fresh Damage

Dirty Spoons at Vogelmorn Bowling Club: Saturday, July 22

Today, I’m Thinking About Marshall Crenshaw.

Kraftwerk is Coming To NZ: November/December 2023

Poem: Not All Heroes Wear A Tiny Cottonwool Badge With Medical Tape On Their Sleeve

Bones and All: DVD

My Biggest Book Addiction

Martin Popoff: AC/DC at 50

Poem: Complete Images\Master Image Folder*.jpg

Going Back To The Classic Anthology Series’

Gig Review: How Henry Rollins Just Talks And It Is Weird, And Wonderful, And Interesting In Almost Equal Measures

Dirty Spoons at Mainly Acoustic in Upper Hutt: Tuesday, July 11

Some things Old, some things from the News, some things Borrowed, and some Blues: (Take 2)

Playlist: Faith No More, Wellington Setlist (May 1993)

Shit That’s Good! Crap Albums I Love # 54 – Prince, Emancipation

Shit That’s Good! Crap Albums I Love # 54 – Prince, Emancipation

Poem: Controlling Your Stories

Justin DeHart: Ring

Keeping up with the King: On reading and watching Stephen King

Towards The Democracy of Poetry: New, Short Narrative Works

Playlist: Start The Week Right

Put The Bunny Back on the Big Screen!

Gig Review: SJD the band is back. Sean James Donnelly the songwriter never went away. Here was the proof of both

Poem: In My Dreams Van Morrison Is Dead And That Doesn’t Make Me A Good Person But My Dreams Have A Wonderful Soundtrack

Nick Drake

Poem: No Bad Spell

What A Good Score! – # 30: The Boys by The Necks

Making A Case For Her: She Is Stardust, She Is Golden, But We’ve Got To Get Back To Considering Joni Mitchell as a Poet

The New "Off The Tracks" Here on Substack...let me know if you want to to be comped a premium sub.

The New "Off The Tracks" Here on Substack...let me know if you want to to be comped a premium sub.

Joe Satriani: The Shape of Things To Come (Live 1988)

Tár is a Work of Genius, Several Geniuses Even.

Theatre Review: Prima Facie (Circa Theatre, Wellington, until July 22)

Theatre Review: Prima Facie (Circa Theatre, Wellington, until July 22)

The Cosmic Debris: The Cosmic Debris

Dirty Spoons to play on RadioActive’s Americana Show w/ Shady

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound: Howl

Old Music Made New and The Future of “Sounds Good!”

Poem: End of June

Whatever Happened To Tracey...From Rotorua

This Year’s Music Books (So Far)

Andrew Kerr with Alan Norman and the Scarborough Connection: For The Record

Collecting Cult Films on Letterboxd

Frank Talbot: Mundane Life Updates

Poem: Listening to Patsy Cline on TikTok

I watched a LOT of movies this weekend.

Playlist: Lowkey Hoedown

Bettye LaVette!

Poem: Roy’s Okay.

Gig Preview: Lawnmaster w/ Dirty Spoons, Thursday, June 22, 2023, MOON, Newtown, Wellington, 7.30pm

It Was The Best Gig Ever # 28: Jonathan Richman, Oakland 2016

The Impressions I Got: Discovering Curtis Mayfield At The End of A World

Poem: Triggering

Peter Hobbs: Luminescence

I’m Not Saying I Should Have Seen All These Things But I Am Saying I’m Glad I Did

Guest Post: 10 Albums I Couldn’t Live Without by Si White

On Monsters:

The Winter: 2010

Dirty Spoons will be Special Guests: Poquito 'Singer Songwriter' Night, Thursday, June 8, 2023

2023: A Stanley Kubrick Boxset Oddity

10 Years Ago I Had The Greatest Gig Experience of My Life

Gig Review: Quite The Magic Trick - Weyes Blood Live. Holy Flux!

Cliff’s Notes

Gig Review: Sleaford Mods Will Carjack Your Soul But Stop Back To Make Sure You All Got Home Alright!

The Influential Score behind Planet of the Apes

My Buddy

R.I.P. Tina Turner

Mike The Juggler (R.I.P.)

Poem: Better To Be

Playlist: More Good Tunes For More Good Times

Miranda July's Kajillionaire: A Must Re-Watch!

Face Value Is A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

Poem: Play What You'd Like To Hear

Gig Review: The Music of Hans Zimmer and Others (Wellington, May 14)

How Anger, Humour and Politics Shaped and Shattered Gil Scott-Heron

Poem: Rehearsals

Tangerine Dream: Botanique Orangerie Session 2022

Poem: Pyromania

TV Shows That Meant The World To Me: #14 – The Golden Girls

The Must-Watch Michael J. Fox Documentary

Let’s All Fund A Film About Don McGlashan

Herdís Stefánsdóttir: Knock At The Cabin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Only One Thing To Do

Poem: Wait

Guest Post: HeHatesNovels BookTube by Oscar Sweetman

The Golden Hues of Nostalgia TV

Some things Old, some things from the News, some things Borrowed, and some Blues

On: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Stubs # 296 – Diana Krall, Wellington, 2005

Poem: He's A Big R.E.M. Fan

The Punk Rock Socks: Punk Rock Socks

The Bobby Holidays: At The Beach

Hannah Griffin / Norman Meehan / Thomas Voyce: Wāhine

Oscar Sweetman, Book Reviewer:

Evil Turd Floats

The Education of Listening to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Still

Poem: Tom's Dinner

Guy Wishart: Where The River Runs Through

When You Find Great New Music It's Always A Happy Time

Poem: The 21st Century

Rodger Fox Big Band: plays Hone Tuwhare

Reading Christine

Justin DeHart: Percussion Spheres

Ben Powell: New Jazz Standards Vol 6 - The Music of Carl Saunders

Poem: Food For Thought

Getting Right In Under Kanopy

Poem: Fair

Recent OST Favourites

Poem: Directly After The Event

Finding Great New Music Can Make Your Whole Week!

Recent and Upcoming Reads

Poem: Poetry Is Never About What It Is, It's About What It's Not:

The Joke/rs On Us!

R.I.P. Ahmad Jamal

Poem: Explicative

Nick Cave and Sean O'Hagan: Faith, Hope And Carnage

Some favourite recent film scores

The Sound of Trees Haunts Me Still. (I’m Forever Grateful For That)

New Short Writing/s

The Joker Movie/s

Have A GOOD Friday! Here’s Some Music For Ya!

Poem: Pieces of The Man

On: Faith, Hope And Carnage

Albums I Could Not Live Without: Part 1

Playlist: Good Tunes For Good Times

Poem: Collaboration

Bono: Surrendering

You must remember This Podcast!

Albums I Could Not Live Without (Part 1)

Movies of My Life # 29: Pulp Fiction

"Surrendering" - In Which I Finish Bono's Book And Love It So Very Much!

Poem: The stridency of some of my cherished positions is softening

Dirty Spoons Will Be Part of the Aro Fair: Saturday, April, 2023

Those Songs Still Shine: The Music of the Carpenters

Playlist: A Family of Liars (Mixtape)

Pulp Memories

Poem: Organised Religion is Atheism’s Greatest Gift

Those Songs Still Shine

Gig Review: Madeleine Peyroux (Wellington, March 16)

Poem: The List of Changes

You Just Can’t Beat Poetry!

Playlist: Cheers!

Epoch He Spoke

Poem: Poetry ::: Class

TV Is The Thing This Year: Getting The Big TV

Gig Review: Sacred Reich & Vio-Lence (Wellington, March 14)

Gig Review: Third Time A Charm - Seeing Madeleine Peyroux in Concert is Always Special, But This Was The Very Best. And What A Band!

The Big TV is Here!

Patrick Bateman Reviews "Dire Straits"

Gig Review: A Classic Old-School Thrash Double-Bill - Seeing Sacred Reich and Vio-Lence Live in Concert

Poem: Write of reply


Gig Review: Brian Jackson (Wellington, March 11)

Top 10 Concert Films of All Time

Gig Review: Brian Jackson Still Washing Troubles Away - His are gone, and his music will wash yours too!

My Top 10 All-Time Favourite Concert Films

Gig Review: Pavement (Wellington, March 8)

Gig Review: Bring On The Major Leagues - I Finally Get To See Pavement Live And It Was Mostly Okay, Eh

Back to Back To The Egg:

Poem: Origami

Gig Review: The Big Drum Off Drum Workshop (March 8, Wellington)

Chris Rock: Selective Outrage

Poem: Out On A Limb

Playlist: This Woman's Work

Short Story: You Know Why Homeless People Don’t Like Blowjobs? Because They Don’t Like Any Jobs!

Gig Review: The Big Drum Off 2023 (March 7, Palmerston North)

Gig Review: Three of The World's Greatest Drummers With New Zealand's Best Big Band - Oh. What A Night!

(Pearl) Jammin' on Nostalgia

I Am So Old I Can Remember When Chris Rock Was Funny

In Bed with Schoenberg: Theatre

Poem: Social Remedial

R.I.P. Wayne Shorter

One Year Off Facebook

Dark Side of The Moon Turns 50

Poem: Watching The Hitcher

Three Drumming Legends Are About To HIT New Zealand!

Peter Erskine / Darek Oles / Alan Paqua: Live in Italy

Blame Bohemian Rhapsody!

Happy Anniversaries

Poem: Nontrepreneur

The Optics of Modern Music Biopics, Gah! I Blame Bohemian Rhapsody…

On: Van Halen's Fair Warning

Gig Preview: Dirty Spoons presents...A Muddy Cocktail of Music and Words, Sunday, February 26, 2023, MOON, Newtown, Wellington, 7pm

The Very True Story of My Cyndi Lauper Obsession

Poem: Math Delusion

Poem: Needlepoint

Gig Review: Boy Harsher (February 17, Wellington)

Gig Review: Boy Harsher Has Been One Of My Favourite Bands Across The Last Few Years, Even More So Now I've Seen Them Live

Poem: Presence

Lazy Hot Takes Can Be Fun

Terrible Maladies Telling Me Beautiful Things

Terrible Maladies Telling Me Beautiful Things

Lazy Hot Takes on Classic Films

Poem: Let’s Just Say

Short Story: Play / Repeat

On: Collecting Movie Music

Poem: The race is repeated

This Newsletter Is Two: “Sounds Good!” Celebrates Its 2nd Birthday

Poem: Vintage Me

Stubs: # 295 – Crowded House, Napier, 2021

Poem: Swings and Roundabouts

My Latest YouTube Crush: My Favourite New Sport

Robert Forster's Tender Years

Moby, dick

Poem: Petrichor

Poem: Pretty Pictures

Playlist: In The News

Natalie Merchant's Carnival

Short Story: Cosplay ADHD

1980s Movie Soundtracks - What A Feeling!

When A Song Knocks You Out So You Play It On A Loop

Poem: Wah Wah

Robert Forster: The Candle and The Flame

On: ChatGPT - The Future Won't Be Written By Us At Present

Back on the Poems (The first for 2023)

Poem: Ditch

Some of my YouTube Crushes

Love from Welly - A Fundraiser for Tāmaki Makaurau Whānau

Gig Review: Cowboy Junkies (January 28, Wellington)

Short Story: Smashing Palaces

The Whale: Film

The Cowboy Junkies Subtly Blew My Mind One More Time; Their Slow-Burn Song-Churn Is Everything, Everything!

Sailing Right Behind

Chat GPT (Yeah You Know Me!)

Poem: Advice from ‘Angela’

A Few New Albums That Are Catching My Ear

Stubs: # 294 – Lucy Dacus, Wellington, 2022

Prince Harry: Spare

Go and see The Whale!

Just A Few Stray Thoughts on Billie Holiday

Poem: Credit Where Cash Is Due

Here's Why I Won't Ever Watch Avatar

The Ordinary Experience of Meeting Famous People

Playlist: 100 Little Somethings

Summer Laughs at Tapere Iti (January 20, Wellington)

Why I Will Not Watch Avatar

Short Story: We Do Talk About Bruno

100 Little Somethings For Your Weekend/s

New Year, New Albums To Listen To…

Jeff Beck: There Was No One Greater

I Diss Spare

The Best TV Shows For Me in 2022

Guest Post: Si White offers Five Films That Stay With Him

There Was No One Greater

R.I.P. Jeff Beck

Hobblings... (More short, short autobiographical fiction)

Poem: The Sean Young Loop

What A Good Score # 29: Full Metal Jacket by Abigail Mead + Various

Short Story: "Being Backstage"

Deep Down With Deep Purple

Stubs: # 293 – The Renderers, Wellington, 2022

A Belated Happy New Year

TV Shows of 2022

Short Story: Cold Fact

Poem: 17th Wedding Anniversary

My Favourite Films of 2022

The Good Things About The Bad Plus

Poem: Updating The Collateral

How Deep Is Your Purple?

Short Story: Perfect Strangers

Tim Fitzgerald’s Full House: Tim Fitzgerald’s Full House

Dirty Spoons Will Be Part of The Newtown Festival: Sunday, March 5, 2023

Nice Work John! (A New Short, Short Story)

Just My Type: My Brand New Second-Hand Typewriter

The Movies of 2022