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All Is Quiet…

Poem: We Were Somewhere Near Masterton

The Greatest Movie of All Time…

The Bad Plus

Ready to (Listen to) Rock (Again)

Just My Type

The Bad Plus: The Bad Plus

My Favourite Reads of 2022

That One Time, At Christmas, When We Talked About The Best Movie Ever Made…

I Wish You A Merry Christmas

Short Story: Prison Rules!

Poem: The Typewriter Under The Christmas Tree

Reconnecting With Rock (Finally) in Late 2022

The Best Books I Read in 2022

Gig Review: Kendrick Lamar (December 16, Auckland)

Shopping Karts: Are You Ready 4 Madness?

On The Occasion of Going 1000 Days Without A Drink

What A Good Score # 28: Northline by Willy Vlautin and Paul Brainard

Poem: No Pressure

The Kindness of Strangers: To Linda from The Guns N Roses Show

Revisiting Five Films That Stay With Me

The Complete Fucking Thrill of Seeing Kendrick Lamar Live

Vale Angelo...

Gig Review: Sharon Van Etten (December 13, Wellington)

Sharon Van Etten Owns The Stage Now: What A Gig!

Short Story: Sailing Right Behind

Marine Eyes: Chamomile

Anthony Loyd’s Bloody Love Letter

R.I.P. Angelo Badalamenti

What A Good Score # 27: Aliens by James Horner

Short Story: Most Moral High Grounds Are Pretty Low

Always Loving SNL

Gig Review: Guns N Roses (December 8, Wellington)

A Review of Guns N Roses in 2022: I Loved This Show So, So Much!

For Linda, From The Guns N Roses Concert…

Remembering Hamish Kilgour

R.I.P. Hamish Kilgour

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From The Archives: When Musicians Take Fire At The Critics

Private Joke/r: On The Impact of Full Metal Jacket

Short Story: Riding Seven Year Cycles

Playlist: Guns N Roses 2022 Tour Setlist

My (Im)Perfect (Anti)Library

R.I.P. Christine McVie

The Chain is Finally Broken… R.I.P. Christine McVie

Short Story: Nice Work John

Pinocchio - The Pantomime: Theatre

Building My Perfectly Imperfect Antilibrary

Playlist: Celebrating The Genius of Dr. John

Superstylin' Once Again: Seeing Groove Armada Live

Gig Review: Groove Armada (November 27, Wellington)

He Is Alfred Hitchcock

On: White Lotus, Season 2

Vieux Farka Touré and Khruangbin: Ali

Celebrating The Greatness of Dr. John

Short Story: Hobblings

Dirty Spoons live at the Common Room, Hastings

Playlist: Electric Stomp, Eclectic Bomp, Party-Party

The Start Of The Worst Summer You Ever Had

My New Single Is Available Now – Second Storey Teller: The Picton Killings

At The Halfway Point of Season Two of The White Lotus

Pounding (the) Pavement

Strange Currency

Please Support Aro Video

Be Kind. Please Rewind.

I Love Where Music Takes You, I Love Where Music Allows You To Go

To Be 11...In 1987...

Short Story: Private Joke/r

My New Single Is Available Now – Second Storey Teller: Tuatara

Barbarian: Film

I Am Alfred Hitchcock: DVD

What Year Had The Best Music For You?

Short Story: Survivor

Dahmer Is Dead And I Can't Stop Watching!!

So You’ve Been Asked To Talk About Your Work But Your Work Is Long And The Talk Is Short

Short Story: Regardless

Much Love For Lydia Loveless


My Discogs Account: The List of My Records and CDs

Would You Like Some Serial Killers With Your Binge Watching?

What A Good Score # 26: Brassed Off! by Trevor Jones

Quitting Twitter

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Loving Lydia Loveless

Short Story: Be Kind. Please Rewind.

My Top 10 Rewatchable Horror Films

Short Story: Tuatara

Unknown Caller: Midnight Deluxe

Last week, we had no internet.

Having Mercy: Sisters Aren't Singing Like They Once Could

Twitter Quitter

Short Story: Cliff’s Notes

Top 10 Endlessly Rewatchable Halloween Season Movies

Starting (to) "Surrender"

Seeing Don McGlashan Live: Class Act

Short Story: The Big Blue Volvo

Ten Years Ago I Wrote My First Book

Gig Review: Don McGlashan (October 28, Wellington)

On Waking To Hear That Jerry Lee Lewis Is Done – He Spent His Life Both Killing And Dying

Short Story: The Start Of The Worst Summer You Ever Had

Press Release: Kae Tempest To Tour NZ (Feb 2023)

Gig Review: Sisters of Mercy (October 26, Wellington)

Short Story: A Def Leppard Says Wot?


Short Story: Bloodsports

It’s 2022 – Have You Started Your DVD Collection Yet?

Dirty Spoons Highlight Reel: Live at MOON, September 25, 2022

Short Story: Strange Currencies

What A Good Score # 25: Hamlet by Ennio Morricone

I Am 14. And Unable To Take The Hint.

Gig Review: MonoNeon (October 22, Wellington)

Dirty Spoons Highlight Reel: Live at the Common Room, Hastings, October 1, 2022

It’s 2022 People – Have You Started Your DVD Collection Yet?

The List of Every Movie I Own on DVD

Try Three # 5: - Sometimes They Comeback Strong

Donny Hathaway Live

In Praise of Jamie Lee Curtis

Playlist: Cheers To You Eh!

Gig Review: Lalah Hathaway Sings Donny Hathaway (October 19, Wellington)

Short Story: The Curtain Called And Said Pull The Other One

Try Three: # 4 – New Country Songwriters

On: Kanye West

A Collection of Great Dance Songs

Short Story: I Am 14. And Unable To Take The Hint.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ 45 Year Film Moment!

The Privilege of Having Too Many Books

School Holiday Diary: We Drove To Christchurch and Back

Blonde: Film

Halloween Ends: Film

My Uncomplicated Feelings About Kanye West

Dance With The Dead: Driven To Madness

Lou Reed: Words & Music, May 1965

The Holiday Book Dilemma

What A Good Score # 24: Catch Me If You Can by John Williams

On: Blonde

Short Story: The Picton Killings

A Few Quick Ones While He’s Away

VERY Short Stories

Drummers You Just Can’t Beat: # 21 – Victor DeLorenzo

Try Three: # 3 - Bowie, Lou and Iggy Lost But Finding Themselves Again

Short Story: The Old Joke Gets An Upgrade

Stubs: # 292 – The Picasso Century, NGV, Melbourne, 2022

In Praise of Rob Reiner

Darren Pickering Small Worlds: Volume One

What A Good Score!

Second Hand News: The #newfound poems

Gig Preview: Dirty Spoons, Common Room, Hastings Fringe, Saturday, October 1, 2022

Short Story: Lost In Manhattan

A Thousand Miles

Stephen King at 75

Dirty Spoons Live at Moon Bar: Full Set (Sunday, Sept 25, 2022)

YouTube Is The Best TV Channel In The World

Playlist: I Don't Hate These Songs!

R.I.P. Pharoah Sanders

I Don’t Hate These Songs!

Happy 75th Birthday, Stephen King

What A Good Score # 23: Planet of the Apes by Jerry Goldsmith

Lou Reed: I’m So Free - The 1971 RCA Demos

We All Need Adult Supervision

A New Short Story: Good To Be King

New Single: Shopping Karts - Olympus

Gig Preview: Dirty Spoons, Songwriters' Showcase # 55, MOON1, Sunday, September 25, 2022

Mark Reid: Film Reviewer

Watching Epic: Sometimes The Film Experience is Worth More Than The Film

Short Story: Good To Be King

The Luck of The Draw

R.I.P. Peter Straub

On: Typewriters and Typing and The Music of Typewriters

Needing Adult Supervision

The Words and Music of Randy Newman

Playlist: Typewriter Music

The Plus-Sized Big Screen Experience


Movies of My Life # 28: First Blood

Words and Music by Randy Newman

R.I.P. Wes Freed

Shopping Karts on Bandcamp

Richard Marx: Stories To Tell - A Memoir

Gig Preview: Dirty Spoons, Brooklyn Acoustic - Two Todman, Saturday, September 17, 2022

First Blood Is The Deepest

What A Good Score # 22: The Fabulous Baker Boys by Dave Grusin

Loving Letterboxd So Going Pro

R.I.P. Joey DeFrancesco

Revisiting Rumours

Ten Essential Songs by Simon Sweetman: Chosen in 2015

Short Story: Psycho Killer (The Shining)

Right Here Waiting For This Book

From The Archives: A Chat With Antonio Sánchez

Playlist: Not Punching Down, Covering Up!

Loving Letterboxd

The Illogical Extremes of Being a Promotional CD Reviewer

Archival Features: 10 Songs on My iPod

Here’s Half An Essay on U2 – When They Can Be Bothered Trying Again Maybe I’ll Bother To Try Finish What I Want To Say About Them

It Was The Best Gig Ever # 27: Leonard Cohen, Wellington, 2009

Poem: Happy Poetry Day

The Compact Disc is 40

Playlist: OST - A Sampler of Soundtrack Favourites

What A Good Score! – #21: Bloodsport by Paul Hertzog

Poem: Table Service

Gig Review: Mick Foley (August 24, Wellington)

R.I.P. Jerry Allison

This Friday is National Poetry Day

Phantom Billstickers Poetry Day 2022: Reading at Schrödinger's Books

Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt: Lucy & Aaron

Alexander Flood: The Space Between

Tomu DJ: Half Moon Bay

Pigbaby: Palindromes [EP]

Michael Abels: Nope (OST)

Poem: Digital Loneliness

Playlist: Pick Up The Pieces of Yourself

What A Good Score! – #20: Lantana by Paul Kelly

Saying a big Yes to NOPE

Reb Fountain live at the Opera House

Gig Review: Reb Fountain (August 20, Wellington)

Poem: Like A Prayer

New Album: The Second Second Storey Teller Story

The Compact Disc Just Turned 40

Gunter Herbig: Flower of the Sea

Oh, The James Cabaret!

Poem: The End of Family Ties

Take Two Woodstock 99 Documentaries And Make One Dark Reminder of Misogyny (And Shit Music)

Sweetman Podcast # 274: Megan Dunn Returns

Poem: The Revenge of Porky

The Wonderful Worlds of Tom Robbins

Poem: We Crawl

How We Listen To – and Collect – Music Has Always Been Changing

The Woodstock 99 Documentaries

From The Archives: My Rob Schneider Interview

Nope: Film

Poem: Plus One For The Tile Shop

My Regression: Reading Novelisations, Watching TV Movies

My New Single Is Available Now – Second Storey Teller: The Residuals

The Changing Ways We Listen To And Collect Music

Poem: Submitting

Tea With Terrorists: Theatre

For Giving Bukowski

Bring Concert Films Back To the Big Screen

Poem: Repeat

I Watched 24 Hours of 'Love Thy Neighbour' So That You Don't Have To

Film, Books, and Music = TVMovies, Novelisations, and Soundtrack CDs

Playlist: Dark But Hopeful

A Very Benign And In-Character Midlife Crisis: I’m Back Buying CDs

Poem: Pressing Play

Reality’s Bite Is Worse Without Bach

Poem: Too Much Tumult

Elizabeth - A Portrait in Part(s): DVD

Your Mate

Short Story: Let’s hear it for the meritocracy!

Remembering When The Ultimate Warrior Wrote Me A Christmas Card

Poem: Re-Watching Heat


Isn’t Music The Best? Oh, And How Good Are Rhetorical Questions By The Way?

Poem: Process/ing

Bring Back Concert Films on the Big Screen

My New Single Is Available Now – Second Storey Teller: Have You Ever Been Experienced?

In Praise of Ted Danson

Jeff Porcaro Was All About Time

What A Good Score! – #19: Hannah And Her Sisters by Various

Poem: When Love And Hate Collide

Poem: There’s No Better Test For Authenticity Than The Real World

Melbourne Record Stores

Poem: Targeted Ads on Instagram

Happy Wednesday!

Some Commentary on Some of The New Poetry

My First Ever Single Is Available Now – Second Storey Teller: Don't Be A Cunt At The BBQ Eh

Joni Mitchell Returns To The Stage

Poem: In A Sense, Soul Music

The Subtle Genius of Ted Danson

There’s Nothing Funny About Post-Rock And That’s Probably Why I Like It

What Was The First Film You Watched As A Family?

Melbourne’s Music Finds

Poem: As You Pass Through The Shadows

Jim Guthrie: Nobody Saves The World (Original Game Soundtrack)

My First ‘Proper’ Horror Story

Poem: La-Z-Boys

Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp: 18

Short Story: The Residuals

Poem: From Wellington To Melbourne

The Mixed Horror Trilogy

In Cold Blood vs. The Bonfire of The Vanities: Non-Fiction Novels and The New Journalism

What A Good Score! – #18: Rush by Eric Clapton

Music Is The Best: The Update For The Week as I Head For a Break

Poem: The First Deadline

Reassessing John Hersey

My New Ebook: Milking It - Spilled Thoughts over Music, Books and Movies

Try Three: # 2 – Gentle Guitar Instrumentals

Poem: Haberdashing

Short Story: How We Got To This Place

Edith Wharton: Tragedy and Satire in The House of Mirth

The Year of The Rat

What Was The First Movie You Watched As A Family?

Poem: Scream Sequence

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein: Stranger Things 4 (Original Score From The Netflix Series)

Short Story: Stumbling In

Springtime: Springtime


Poem: Be A Good Cunt At The BBQ Eh

My First Ever Album Is Available Now - Second Storey Teller: Everybody Wants To Fool The World

Gig Review: The Johnnys (July 6, Wellington)

We Must Be The Eggs

Poem: All The Overdues

The Rodger Fox Big Band: REIMAGINED! The Rodger Fox Big Band plays Sir Dave Dobbyn

Poem: Another Hole

Stubs: # 291 – NGĀ TUONE by Riki Gooch, Wellington, 2020

The Black Phone: Film

The Best Time Watching Stand By Me

Short Story: The Year of The Rat

Poem: Live To Play Another Day

My Pink Floyd Tapes

Try Three: # 1 - Roots, Reggae, Soul

Poem: Who. Ha.

What A Good Score! – #17: Dead Man Walking by Various Artists

Short Story: We Could Mend Fences

Try Three – New Series

Poem: All Day Hustle, Dawg!

Authors I Admire: # 18 David Foster Wallace

Going Back To Lou Reed: Time To Revisit His Strange, Wonderful, Weird Catalogue

Some New Poetry With A Bit Of Commentary

The Beast: Revisiting John Bonham's Glory

Poem: The Same Plughole After All

Remembering Superstars of Wrestling

R.I.P. Massimo Morante

Short Story: National Party Conference

When You Have To Work To Love An Album And It's Worth It

Poem: Two Decades Of Writing About Music Now Gone

Remembering Puppies

Tubi: Free Films, All Sorts of Madness, Lots of Fun

Long Weekend Playlists

Poem: The Tubeway Arms Me

Poem: Ducking

The James Cabaret Was One Of The Very Best Places To See Live Music in Wellington

The Paul Kelly Story

The Video Store Raised Us And We Turned Out Okay…Mostly

What A Good Score! – #16: The Shawshank Redemption by Thomas Newman

Tubi…or Not Tubi?

Poem: I Dreamed I Met Bill Frisell

Playlist: Sunday Chill

On: Paul McCartney Turning 80

Poem: Christchurch, 2013

Poem: EWF

Appreciating John Bonham (Again)

Short Story: We Can’t Build Our Dreams

What A Good Score! – #15: Baraka by Michael Stearns

Poem: Leave Something Be, And It Changes Anyway

David Sedaris: Happy-Go-Lucky

The Executioner's Song Is The Greatest Big Book I'll Ever Read

Poem: Prince Understood The Assignment

Campfire Tales at The Royal Hotel: Saturday June 11

Poem: The AI Poems

200 Newsletters on Substack!

Shopping Karts: 'Til The Wheels Fall Off

Monkey's "Magic"

Poem: Writing Advice From Out of Africa

Oren Ambarchi / Johan Berthling / Andreas Werliin: Ghosted

Poem: Get Off The Web

The Return of The Son of Shameless Self Promotion: Happy 200th Newsletter

Poem: Choose The Fire You Can Put Out

Selling Amanda

I Love This For Vanessa Bayer!

Aver & Move 78: The Algorithm Smiles Upon You

The Mary Gauthier Starter-Kit

Neil Young: Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 1971

Let The Songwriting of Mary Gauthier Save You, It’s Certainly Saved Her

Poem: She’ll Be Right!

Short Story: Be Careful How You Say You Were Not There

What A Good Score! – #14: Bird by Charlie Parker with Lennie Niehaus

Poem: I Have A Sore Back

Not Everything Is On Netflix: Go Back To The Movies!

A few new short poems...

Short Story: Hillsong

The Experience of Seeing Movies

R.I.P. Alan White

Poem: Not A Wonderful World

Poem: Be Like The Drummer For The Renderers

Sinead O’Connor Singing Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered – That Is What Did It

The Best New Zealand Music Drives Me Home

Poem: The Chase

Top Gun - Maverick: Film

Poem: I Hear That Train A-Comin’

Ricky Gervais: SuperNature

The "Fun" of Hemingway

Poem: It’s Never Or Now

Apparently The 30 Best Horror Films Of All Time

I Was On TV For Seven Years As A Music Reviewer…Good Times, Mostly…

Poem: There’s Only One Thing Better…

R.I.P. Vangelis

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Dirt Does Dylan

Poem: Two New Rules

Stevie's Wonder Years

Halloween Kills: DVD

The Way It Is With Prince

Poem: Spectator Sport

Music for Sleep: The Healing Power of the Moog

The Bloody/Rude Awakening

Poem: Knowing The Score

Steve Moore & Bluetech: Liminal Migration

Poem: Prevention Is Overrated

Where Have All The Kiwi Soundtracks Gone?

The 30 Best Horror Films Of All Time…of all time?

Poem: Bone Terror

Everything Must Go: My Last Time At The Record Fair

Zombi: ZOMBI & Friends, Volume 1

Poem: Running Lines

Bono’s Book

The Way It Is

Poem: Don’t say slave, you are free

Mike Post About My Favourite TV Composer

Daniel Pemberton: Slow Horses - Season 1 (ATV+ Original Series Soundtrack)

Poem: For The Coins To Fall

Prince: Tokyo Dome 1990

On: Neil Young’s Decade

Rude Awakening

Short Story: When The Music Phase Is Over Tune Out What’s Right

Reading Bono

Poem: Roll Credits

Shit That’s Good! Crap Albums I Love # 53 – Iggy Pop, "Brick By Brick"

Poem: Sad Remains

I Wrote and Delivered a Monologue ONCE

What A Good Score! – #13: Under The Cherry Moon (aka “Parade”) by Prince

Poem: Ghost Written Poetry

They Call Him Magic: The Magic Johnson Doco Series

Watching Music

Photos from Photospace: Dirty Spoons w/ BOX OF HAMMERS and Bachelor of Architecture

Poem: dry delivery

Poem: The Lonesome Death of Bob Welch

Francis Harris: Thresholds

Mike Post About My Favourite TV Theme Composer...

Poem: Never Ready

Gig Preview: Dirty Spoons, BOX OF HAMMERS and Bachelor of Architecture, Photospace, Saturday, May 7, 2022

Poem: Even Secrets

Meeting Sylvie

The Best New Zealand Music Drives Me Home


Gig Review: Garageland (April 29, Wellington)

Poem: School

Short Story: My Mum

BOX OF HAMMERS: Fallen Star - death of a Space Tourist

Nicholas Britell: Succession - Season 3 (HBO Original Series Soundtrack)

Poem: Sting Is A Terrible Lyricist

Danny Elfman’s Soul Music

Once I Was Such A Good Shot

Short Story: Hawke’s Bay, 1993

Poem: The only truth

I Wrote And Delivered A Monologue Once

Danny Elfman at Coachella (2022)

Poem: Orange Setting

Gig Review: Hermione Johnson with Riki Gooch and Anthony Donaldson (April 21, Wellington)

Those Days Were Ours: Part-Remembering Happy Days

The Movie That Cemented My Obsession With Music

John Williams / Berliner Philharmoniker: The Berlin Concert

Poem: R.S.V.P

Playlist: Phil Spector's Greatest Hits

Poem: I AM

My New Ebook: Extra Stencil Threat - Short Fiction

The Return to Live Music Was A Truly Beautiful Experience

Dream Widow: Dream Widow

Poem: Messages

Playlist: Graham Brazier's Top 20 (1978)

A Few New Poems + My Latest e-Book of Short Stories

A Few Stray Thoughts on Billie Holiday

Poem: The New Distancing

Discovering Weld

The Brilliance of Brass Eye

Interviewing Rick Allen

A Few Stray Thoughts On Bruce Springsteen

Short Story: The Gladstone, 1982

Christopher Nicholas Bangs: WeCrashed (Original Series Soundtrack)

Short Story: Heroes Are Hard To Find

What A Good Score! – #12: Eyes Wide Shut by Jocelyn Pook + Various

Wheel Inside A Wheel

Sweetman Podcast Now Part of Substack: "Sounds Good!"

Some Good Friday Music

Short Story: Spoil The Rod

Poem: New World

X: Film

Reading Crumpy

Short Story: Take Each Man’s Censure But Reserve Thy Judgment

Poem: Slow News Day

The Day We Took TV Escapism To Its Extreme

Poem: Weekends

Aerosmith: 1971 - The Road Starts Hear

Poem: Donuts The (W)Hole of My Soul

Tricky and Rickie: Two Great Recent Music Memoirs

Brick By Brick

A Few Stray Thoughts On Johnny Cash

Two Brilliant Music Memoirs

Jordan Luck Knows

Poem: Equinox

Grizzly Man: One of My Favourite Documentaries

Poem: Thinking About Daniel Johnston

20 Years Ago I Bought My First iPod

What A Good Score! – #11: The Young & The Restless by Various

Poem: So Heavily Earned

Noelle McCarthy: Grand

Poem: Reading The Back Cover

Poem: Diminishing Returns

An Important 20th Anniversary We All Forgot…

Bernard Herrmann’s Subtle Rage

Short Story: The Firestarter

There’s a Clip I Watch on YouTube and I’m Not Joking When I Say I Look at it Most Weeks…

I Miss Sonic Youth But The Music Is Always There

You Must Read “Grand” by Noelle McCarthy – Out Now!

Poem: Marginalia

A Vinyl Affair – Wellington’s Record Fair: Saturday, May 14, 2022

Brian Tyler: Those Who Wish Me Dead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Poem: On A Second Review

Possessor: What a Film!

Short Story: The Day Harrison Died

The Ballad of John And Harry

Movies of My Life # 27: Stand By Me

Poem: P.T. Barnum Addresses A Fearful Nation

Little Richard: Hindsight Is 2020

I Miss Sonic Youth But The Music Is Forever

Short Story: The Soul of Jazz is Forever Dancing

Poem: If I Hadn’t Told You Then You Would Never Have Known

Poem: Advice on Writing a Poem about Christopher Luxon

Sonic Youth: In/Out/In

Robin Guthrie: Springtime - EP

Poem: Tea

Tour Announcement: Lucy Dacus Returns to NZ (June 2022)

Short Story: Just The Financial Cost

Poem: Taking Ctrl

You Definitely Need The Gloves

It Was The Best Gig Ever # 26: Michael Jackson, Auckland 1996

A TV Love Like This: Once In Every Lifetime...

Steve Braunias: Cover Story

Poem: As Far As Guiding Lights Go

Warren Zevon’s Full Heart

Poem: Tertial

Micro-Blogging Music Prose-Poems

Brian Wilson In His Room, Making Art

Short Story: You Definitely Need The Gloves

Bob Odenkirk: Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama

Torch Song For My Father

Bob Odenkirk’s New Must-Read Memoir

Poem: The Urge To Be

Short Essay About Ronnie O’Sullivan’s World-Record Fast-Break

Thinking About The Place Beyond The Pines

Poem: Plumb

Our Covid Story

Not Much Of A Bookstore Job

Scott J. Mason: Horizon EP

Poem: Creaux’d

Happy 80th Birthday John Cale

For Giving Bukowski: Discovering Charles Bukowski and Letting Him Go

Could Parasitic Fandom Ever Mean Anything: When Eminem Wrote Stan

Poem: Eulogy by Proxy

The Age of Aquarius Will Outlast Us All

Poem: Locked Into The Same Game

Reading Is Keeping Me Sane

Guest Post: Mission to London - Kapralova's "Military Sinfonietta" by George Henderson

The Email From Robbie Williams

Back Logging

The Visceral Thrill of Eddie Murphy’s Early Stand-Up

Poem: Poem Found Inside A Eula Biss Book

Playlist: Tears For Fears Sampler

Remembering Dr. Katz

Possessor: DVD

Short Story: $2 on Wish

Aaron Lupton and Jeff Szpirglas: Blood On Black Wax - Horror Soundtracks on Vinyl

Poem: Billie’s Bounce

A Blank Page Never Hurt Anyone

Poem: Remember, You Humans, How Lucky You Are

Playlist: A Year of Little Somethings....

So Long Facebook, Thanks For All The Likes

Alargo: Obscura

Ten Years of Tuskegee!

Cat Power: Covers

Poem: After A Month Of Cosplay-Protest Some Shitty-Fucks Set Fire To A Slide On Our Parliament’s Front Lawn

In Praise of 'The Roxy'

Playlist: Mark Lanegan Sampler (R.I.P.)

Goodbye Facebook, Thanks For All The Likes

Carly Pearce: 29 - Written in Stone

Poem: Sore

OST: A Good Score Is One of The First Things I’ll Always Notice About A Film

Joshua Moshier: The Shrink Next Door (Apple TV+ Original Series Soundtrack)

What A Good Score! – #10: Taxi Driver by Bernard Herrmann

All Hail The Roxy in Miramar

The Marketing Genius of Friday The 13th

Poem: Praying Ground

King Woman: Celestial Blues

Movies of My Life # 26: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Beth Hart: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin

Poem: New Cherry-Flavoured Self-Loathing

R.I.P. Mark Lanegan, Welcome Back Tears For Fears…and a few other little topics…

Time Casts Its Spell: When Silver Springs Became The Secret Weapon It Had Always Threatened To Be

R.I.P. Mark Lanegan

Poem: Rearviewmirror

The Redemption of Rocket Queen

Stubs: # 290 – Come Together: Abbey Road, Wellington, 2020

Finding Delmore: Only In Dreams

Super-Spreadin’ The News…

Poem: The Prize For Industrial Application

"Sounds Good" Turns 1: My Substack Newsletter Has Been Going For One Year

How I Feel About Tall Dwarfs

What A Good Score! – #9: The Killing Fields by Mike Oldfield

Poem: In Only The Right Way

This Boy's Life

Freddy Krueger Is White Male Privilege

Horrorfying: Overdosing On Horror Films To Cure The Frights

Poem: In Another Form

A.A. Williams: Songs From Isolation

R.I.P. P.J. O’Rourke

Poem: Start Super-Spreading The News

The best in men's clothing/call Paul's Boutique, ask for Janice/The number is 718-498-1043/That's Paul's Boutique and they're in Brooklyn

Walking In Memphis: Man, It Sounds Good Tonight!

Poem: The Bad Poem

Clint Mansell’s Music For Film Cuts Right To My Heart

The Impressions I Got: Discovering Curtis Mayfield At The End of A World

Sounds Good is One! Thanks For Reading

Poem: When Famous People Park Their Horse At The Watering Station In Our Town

The Soap-Opera of Fleetwood Mac

Paul’s Boutique: The Number is 718-498-1043

Poem: Ghosts

Talking To John S. Hall

In Praise of Tracy Chapman

Poem: My Hobby Is Splitting Hairs And Putting Them In Jars That Shine Like Gold Under Azure Skies

Remembering Happy Days

Stubs: # 289 – Nathan Haines, Wellington, 2021

Lionel Loueke: Close Your Eyes

Short Story: Your Mate

What A Good Score! – #8: Saturday Night Fever by Various Artists

Movies of My Life # 25: The Shining

Short Story: The Question That Hangs There. Still.

Tracy Chapman

When John Coltrane First Blew My Mind

Poem: Casting Shade Not Light

Some Of My Best Friends Have Been Songs

In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

Short Story: Eclipsed

Zombi: Liquid Crystal

Poem: A Lovely Weekend Away

Remembering Family Ties

What A Good Score! – #7: The Man With The Golden Arm by Elmer Bernstein

Brian Tyler: Scream [Music From The Original Motion Picture]

Stubs: # 288 – Ben Elton, Wellington, 2021

50 Little Somethings For Your Weekend

Poem: Living On In Fear

Short Story: Flash Fiction Is Hard

Jeff Parker: Forfolks

The Very First Was Willard Price

R.I.P. Sam Lay

Gabriel Yared: Music For Film

Poem: Sufficiency vs. Relevancy

I, Tonya - So Good

Poem: all of the cherries

Barn - Neil Young & Crazy Horse – A Band, A Brotherhood, A Barn: Film

Justin DeHart: Landfall - New Zealand Percussion Vol. 1

What A Good Score! – #6: Glengarry Glen Ross by James Newton Howard, Wayne Shorter + Various

Poem: Roll Reversal

In Praise of 'Succession'

10 New Albums I Want To Hear (January 2022)

Gigs Are Being Disturbed, Which Is Still Better Than Gigs By Disturbed!

The Crude Farce of After Life Season Three

Poem: Back Then I Was Young And Stupid And Now I Only Have The One Excuse

A Natural Woman: Theatre

The Brutal Genius of Neil LaBute

Nell & The Flaming Lips: Where The Viaduct Looms

Poem: Turnabout

Ex-Radio Head: No Longer A Music Writer/Always A Music Writer

Hans Zimmer & Steve Mazzaro: Army of Thieves (Soundtrack from the Netflix Film)

Poem: Omicron Sunset

Sometimes A Not Very Good Movie Is Brilliant!

Wellington Comedy Presents – Friday Laughs at The Cavern Club (Friday, January 21, 2022)

Playlists By Writers

What A Good Score! – #5: The Proposition by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

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In Praise of Thrash

Lee Ranaldo: In Virus Time [EP]

Ten New Albums I Can’t Wait To Play A Lot!

Radio Head: RNZ Features and Reviews

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Poem: Not Much, But It’s Mine

Nicholas Britell: Don’t Look Up (Soundtrack From The Netflix Film)

Playlists For Writing

It Was The Best Gig Ever # 25: Gorillaz, Auckland 2010

Poem: Rest

Orrin Evans: The Magic of Now

Ricky Gervais' Smug, Cruel, Tired and Bored Humour Ruins What Was Once A Decent TV Show: Why After Life Season Three Stinks

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Scream (5): Film

What A Good Score! – #4: Donnie Darko by Michael Andrews

Poem: Ha Ha, Charade You Are

Harold Mabern: Mabern Plays Coltrane

Getting My Thrash Back On

Murder On The Dancefloor

Poem: Riding The Lightning

Frank Ilfman: Gunpowder Milkshake (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Adventures of Billy Corgan – Artist in Residence

Short Story: The Real Reason For The Downturn In Patience

In Praise of Little Earthquakes, Now 30 Years Old

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Our Summer Holiday Viewing Diary

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Taste Matters

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My 2021 RNZ Features

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R.I.P. Peter Bogdanovich

Happy 30th Little Earthquakes

An Update on Summer Reading (2021/2022)

House of Gucci: Film

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the flatmate

Remembering My U2 Fandom

Poem: Billie Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs

What A Good Score! – #3: Battlestar Galactica Season 3 by Bear McCreary

I Fucking Loved House of Gucci, Y’all!

Jason Moran: The Sound Will Tell You

R.I.P. Joan Didion

Poem: Because Of You

Poem: Exit Interview For My Soul

Shit That’s Good! Crap Albums I Love # 52 – Various, “Arthur The Album”