Sitemap - 2016 - Sounds Good!

Talk Back: When Musicians Take Fire At The Critics

Poem: Brand New Whirl

DJ Setlist: The Great Kiwi BBQ, San Fran, Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 44 - Blink (Ian Jorgensen)

R.I.P. Alphonse Mouzon

The Vinyl Countdown # 595

Nature’s Be(a)st: An Alternative Top 30

Do You (Ever) Feel Like We Did? – The One Time It Worked to DJ Some Peter Frampton

R.I.P. George Michael

The Great Kiwi BBQ: DJ Set

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 142 The Spines – 2016

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 43 – Xmas 2016 Wrap

Live Without A Net: Best or Worst - It's My Favourite Live Album by The Dead

The Great Prince Tui Teka: A Hero

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 141 The King of France

The Vinyl Countdown # 596

Short Story: All Hail

Five Songs For Friday: # 5 – Five O’Clock World

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 42 - Nick Bollinger

Todd Rundgren: An Evening With Todd Rundgren - Live At The Ridgefield

Drummers You Just Can’t Beat: # 16 – John Bonham

The Vinyl Countdown # 597

Short Story: Weekend at Boomer's

A Tribe Called Quest: We Got It From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service

Up Around The Bend: New Memories Of Old Songs I’m Sure I Like

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 41 - Nadia Reid

The Vinyl Countdown # 598

I Can’t Tell You Why I Love This One Eagles Song: A Song You Love by A Band You Hate

The Rolling Stones: Blue & Lonesome

Gig Review: Tuwhare - The Concert (December 9, Wgtn)

A Hard Reign: Patti Smith Proved The Right and Only Choice to Represent Bob Dylan

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 140 Prepare To Scream

Silent Lucidity: A Place I Like To Hide

The Vinyl Countdown # 599

Without Borders: Be A Champ (ep)

Gig Preview: Shayne Carter, Tiny Ruins and Pikelet – Meow, Wellington, Friday, December 30, 2016

Tough Tits: Hairless EP.

Five Songs For Friday: # 4 - Five Great Tracks From Five Great Live Albums

Thinking of Sinead O'Connor: Happy 50th

Hooked On Kitsch Classics: Oh, The Records You Will Find In A Second-Hand Bookstore

Music Biopics Usually Get It Wrong: The Problem Is Taking The Page To The Stage

The Vinyl Countdown # 600

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 40 - Sean James Donnelly (SJD)

Gig Review: Tortoise (December 3, Wgtn)

Playlist: On A Thursday Night

My Date With Fergie: The Time I Was Summoned to Interview The Duchess

To See The Really Great Gigs You Must Travel: Overseas Highlights

Cody ChesnuTT’s Bizarre and Brilliant Headphone Masterpiece: A Weird But Classic Debut (Double) Album

WWE: TLC - Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2016

Poem: Sharkey

Jordan Luck: New Zealand’s Best (and Most Underrated) Songwriter

Bands That Make You Sick: The Cranberries

The Vinyl Countdown # 601

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 139 The Bodge

Pavement: The Greatest Band of the 1990s

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 39 - Aidee Walker

Digests: The Best of 2016’s Album Reviews – November

DJ Setlist: Bodega, Spines w/ Terror of the Deep, Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dinosaur Jr: Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not

The Story of GG Allin & The Murder Junkies

Where Beck Was At: His First Decade of Genius

The Vinyl Countdown # 602

R.I.P. Ray Columbus

Astral Weeks: Masterpiece

Hudson & Halls Live: Theatre

Bert Jansch: Avocet (reissue)

The Vinyl Countdown # 603

Gig Preview: Spines at Bodega w/ Terror of the Deep (Thurs, Dec 1)

Poem: All's Well That Ends Swell

Gig Review: TEETH (November 26, Wgtn)

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 138 Love, Pt. 1

Black Dub: Reluctant Supergroup

I Hate Billy Joel: Music for Music Teachers

Lyrics By Sting: The Worst

Blackmore's Night: From Spinal Tap to A Mighty Wind in One Career

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 38 - Costa Botes

Steely Dan's Aja: Their Classic

Five Songs For Friday: # 3 – New and Old Favourites

Gig Review: The Last Waltz - 40th Anniversary Concert (November 23, Wgtn)

Playlist: Real Groovy on a Saturday Morning

The Vinyl Countdown # 604

Heroes Live: #4 – Bob Dylan

Stevie Nicks: Bella Donna (Deluxe Edition)

Remembering GnR in '93

Mike Nock Trio/NZ Trio: Vicissitudes

On: Essays - Intro Notes from the LitCrawl Essays Session (Sat, Nov 14, 2016)

Playlist: Return of the Son of Some More Songs I Played At The Golden Dawn

Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit: # 13 Finn

WWE: Survivor Series 2016

The Vinyl Countdown # 605

The Greatness of Leila Adu: Underrated, Underappreciated, One of our Greatest Talents

DJ Setlist: Real Groovy, 11am-1pm Shift, Saturday, November 19, 2016

Short Story: Post Post-Industrial Meltdown

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 137 The Desert Road

The Vinyl Countdown # 606

R.I.P. Sharon Jones

DJ Setlist: The Golden Dawn, 8-11pm Shift, Friday, November 18, 2016

R.E.M: The Greatest Band of the 1980s

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 37 - Robert Forster

Real Groovy Records: In-store DJ Set (Saturday, November 19)

Drummers You Just Can’t Beat: # 15 - Buddy Rich

Win a special prize-pack for The Mission’s Wellington Gig

Sting: 57th & 9th

A Single Man: One of My Favourite Film Scores

It Was The Worst: # 19 Disturbed Repeatedly

The Vinyl Countdown # 607

The Golden Dawn: DJ Set (Friday, November 18)

The 'There's Wally!' of Rock-Docs: Bono

Anna Coddington: Luck / Time

R.I.P. Leon Russell

A Little Story About Katy & Simon

Sherman Alexie’s Ode To Mix Tapes

Short Story: Listening to Arcade Fire...

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 136 Weathered Lines

The Amps' Pacer: Happy 20th

The Interview: What It's Really Like To Talk To The Famous Person On The Other End Of The Line

On: Billie Holiday's Voice

Jagged Little Pill: That Fucking Alanis Morissette Album

Eric Clapton: Live In San Diego (with Special Guest J.J. Cale)

The Heckling Cries of Unloved and Unlovable Critics: Not Everyone That Hates Your Work Is A Troll

Playlist: Favourite ‘Live Album’ Tracks

Kick Out The Jams: The MC5 Song and Album in Context

R.I.P. Leonard Cohen

Gig Review: Robert Forster (November 10, Wgtn)

Five Songs For Friday: # 2 – The 'We've Been Trumped!' Edition

Santana: Live At The House of Blues - Las Vegas

It Was The Worst: # 18 That Time I Made It All The Way Through A John Mayer Concert And Felt As Empty As One of His Songs

If I Move To Mars Will I No Longer Have To Hear The Song 'If I Move To Mars'?

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 36 - Charlotte Yates

Karl Blau: Introducing Karl Blau

Win Tickets to TEETH – This Friday: 11/11/16

Poem: I’m Drunk On Lucinda Williams

Appreciating The Final Cut: One of Floyd’s Best

Fly My Pretties: String Theory

At Your Service (Fee): The Giant Rip-Off Where You Pay $8 Extra For No Fucking Service At All

A Word From The Wise: His Name is Bukowski

Drummers You Just Can’t Beat: # 14 – Vinnie Colaiuta

V/A: Stir It Up - Aotearoa's Tribute To Bob Marley

10 Songs That Changed YOUR World

Revisiting The Glass Bead Game: James Blackshaw’s Finest

Rob Sheffield: On Bowie

When I think of Cat Stevens: A Ballad of Father & Son(g)

Coming Up with Up & Coming: The Musical Styles of the Rich and Imaginary…

Stick Your Thumb In The Bucket of Spit: The Story of the World’s Worst Music Teacher

The Vinyl Countdown # 608

Sprog On The Tracks: Five-Year Flashback

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 135 Lucid Dreams - Part One

Watch This (Office) Space, Or Rather Listen To It: Revisiting The Office Space Soundtrack

What Song/s Will You Have Played At Your Funeral?

Heroes Live: #3 - Mike Nock

Snoopin' Aroun' My Car: How I Lost A Car And Found A Favourite Snoop Dogg Album All In One Weekend

Favourite Album Titles: The Bold And The Beautifully Bonkers...

To Infinity and (Sadly) Beyond: I’d Rather Read The Poetry of Bryan Adams

Samuel Scott to open Robert Forster’s Wellington Show: Thurs Nov 10 (2016)

The Good Grooves: A Tasty Drum Groove Beats Chops Galore Every Time

Neurosis: Two NZ Shows (Feb, 2017)

Poem: The Raw Offal of Love...

Phil Collins: Hello, I Must Be Going! (Deluxe Edition)

A Bustle In Your Hedgerow: Good Songs With Terrible Lyrics

Airbourne: NZ Tour (Jan, 2017)

That Time We Stood Waiting For Four Hours To Buy A CD - And Then, Years Later, Marveled Over Its Glowing Red Light All Over Again

You’ve Got To Be Cruel To Be Kind: # 1 – The Early Years

It’s Like This: Rickie Lee Jones’ Great Covers Collection

Stubs: #198 – Earl Sweatshirt, Danny Brown and Run The Jewels, Wellington, 2014

The Brilliance of Warpaint: One of My Favourite Bands of The Last Decade

The Five Unmissable Shows I Missed: The First Five That Sprang To Mind

WWE: Hell In A Cell 2016

Digests: The Best of 2016’s Album Reviews – October

Heroes Live: #2 – Neil Young

The Vinyl Countdown # 609

The Musical Worlds of John Waters: Filmmaker, Author, Icon

What Matters Most Is The Music: It's Not How You Listen - It's That You Listen

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 134 TVNZ

The Good And Bad Reviews Are Equal: It Is All Just Opinion After All

Nightmares On Wax: Shelving It All

Questioning Max Key’s vision of PARADISE

Check out Chris Cain: He’s Got The Blues in his Soul and at his Fingertips

Five Songs For Friday: # 1 - Starting off easy...

Heroes Live: #1 - Paul Simon

The Vinyl Countdown # 610

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese: Attack of the Mondegreens

My Ears Were Burning, His Lips Were Flaming: Interviewing Wayne Coyne

Max Richter + Various Artists: Sleep Remixes

Drummers You Just Can’t Beat: # 13 – Charlie Watts

Remembering The Go-Betweens: Such A Band

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: Two NZ Shows (Jan, 2017)

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 35 - Mike Nock

The case / lang / veirs collaboration: Probably The Album of The Year

Lady Gaga: Joanne

The Peter Gabriel/Genesis Divorce: All of That Great Music

Favourite Podcasts: My Favourite Album With Jeremy Dylan

Lungs: Theatre

Leonard Cohen: You Want It Darker

John Carpenter: From Filmmaker to Musician

The Vinyl Countdown # 611

Willie Nelson: Living Legend

The Fabulous Return of The Monkees: Comeback of the Year

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 133 Majoribanks Street

Magic from Loss: Nick Cave and Lou Reed Grieving Through Albums

The Album Review is Dead? Long Live Album Reviews!

Getaway From The Getaway Now: The Worst Album of 2016

The Paul Kelly Story: Redux/Reflux

Thinking about Scott Walker: Music Without Compromise

Bob Weir: Blue Mountain

When It's About More Than Just The Music: Remembering Interviewing Paul Buchanan

Short Story: Five Weird Music Dreams I’ve Had More Than Once

Questlove: Something To Food About

Reconnecting With Billy Cobham: His Best Solo Works

Poem: Whistlin' Dixie

Hail! Hail! The Great Twenty-Eight: Chuck Berry Turns 90

The Vinyl Countdown # 612

Finding Hate Mail: Old Friends...

Suzanne Vega: Lover, Beloved - Songs From An Evening With Carson McCullers

Peter Garrett: A Version of Now

Bands With Fans I Hate: It's Not's THEM!

The Vinyl Countdown # 613

CD Review of Kids of 88's Sugar Pills: From The Archives

Melissa Broder: So Sad Today

Aoife O'Donovan: In The Magic Hour

The Secret Behind Mr Dompling's Secret: My First Music Book

The Legendary Marvin Pontiac: Legendary Hoax

Poem: Lo and Behold

Central: Theatre

The Vinyl Countdown # 614

The John Waters Interview: From The Archives

Retro Record Reviews by Toby W. McWilliams: # 2 – Supertramp, Breakfast in America

Oasis - Supersonic: Film

Bon Iver: 22, A Million

Cliff Martinez: The Neon Demon [OST]

One Meat - Two Interviews: Interviewing Meat Loaf Twice in One Month

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 132 Dylan

Steve Dawson: Solid States and Loose Ends

The Vinyl Countdown # 615

A Love Supreme: John Coltrane's Life-Changing Sound

Poem: Absolution

Playlist: Rocktober

The DJ Shadow Masterpiece: Endtroducing...

The Gaps Between: Theatre

Short Story: Good Times In The Bay

Margo Price: Midwest Farmer's Daughter

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 34 - Delaney Davidson

My Scientology Movie: Film

Daniel Johnston's World: Alone With The Magic of that Music

Air: Twentyears

The Vinyl Countdown # 616

Poem: note

Jaco Pastorius by Jaco Pastorius: One of My Favourite Albums

Bill Direen: Enclosures 2

The Vinyl Countdown # 617

Rolling With The Stones: A Lifelong Journey

WWE: No Mercy 2016

Robert Forster of The Go-Betweens: Two NZ Shows (November, 2016)

Midge Ure: NZ Tour (March, 2017)

The Vinyl Countdown # 618

The Very Extremely Dangerous Eddie Hinton: Revisiting A Lost Classic

Poem: Love To Justify

The Phil Judd Interview: From The Archives

Clive James: Play All - A Bingewatcher's Notebook

John Renbourn & Wizz Jones: Joint Control

The Vinyl Countdown # 619

Jesus Was A Carpenter: Carpenters Greatest Hits vs. The Carpenters Tribute Album

Gig Review: The Reverend Horton Heat (October 5, Wgtn)

Phantom Billstickers Poetry Poster: Unfriendship

Fat Freddy's Drop: The Cure for Insomnia

The Vinyl Countdown # 620

TEETH: New Single + Four Wellington Shows in November

Keef's Life: That Horrible Keith Richards Memoir

Dexter Story: Wondem

The Vinyl Countdown # 621

McCartney II: Paul McCartney's Solo Masterpiece

Bob Dylan: Fallen Angels

Poem: Preferable Order

Daniel Bryan: YES - My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of Wrestlemania

Digests: The Best of 2016’s Album Reviews – September

The Vinyl Countdown # 622

Mike Noga: King

Vince Staples: Two NZ Shows (Dec, 2016)

Poem: Winsome

Van Morrison: Keep Me Singing

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 130 The Podcast

The Vinyl Countdown # 623

Retro Record Reviews by Toby W. McWilliams: # 1 - ELO, Time

Gig Review: Black Mountain (October 1, Wgtn)

The Vinyl Countdown # 624

Guest Blogging: Retro Record Reviews by Toby W. McWilliams

Lloyd Cole Classic Songbook Tour: NZ Shows (Jan/Feb 2017)

Bruce Springsteen: Chapter & Verse

The Vinyl Countdown # 625

The Beatles - Eight Days A Week, The Touring Years: Film

Poem: Process

Warpaint: Heads Up

Narcos - Season One: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 626

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 33 - Jon McLeary

WWE: Clash of Champions 2016

Whitney: Light Upon The Lake

Culture Club: Two NZ Shows (Dec, 2016)

Poem: the girls at school

The Vinyl Countdown # 627

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 129 My Left Hand

DJ Setlist: San Fran, Friday, September 23, 2016

V/A: The Rough Guide to Blues Women

The Neon Demon: Film

The Vinyl Countdown # 628

Poem: For'um

Mick Wall: Prince - Purple Reign

The Bordellos: Gary Glitter e.p.

The Vinyl Countdown # 629

We Deserve This: Floating Colors

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 128 Lennon

Wilco: Schmilco

Amos Lee: Spirit

The Vinyl Countdown # 630

Poem: Underneath It All

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 32 - Jan Hellriegel

The Vinyl Countdown # 631

King Loser's Victory Lap

Poem: Passive Aggressor

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Skeleton Tree

Sima Elizabeth Shefrin: Embroidered Cancer Comic

The Vinyl Countdown # 632

Laneway 2017: Lineup Announced

Poem: Endlessly Joyless

Chris Garcia: Laughing And Crying At The Same Time

WWE: Backlash 2016

The Vinyl Countdown # 633

Moniker: Hunt For The Wilderpeople [OST]

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band: Two NZ Shows (Feb, 2017)

Randy Newman: Live At The Boarding House

Jack White: Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016

The Vinyl Countdown # 634

V/A: Miles Ahead [OST]

Brian Eno: The Ship

Kembrew McLeod: Blondie's Parallel Lines (33 1/3)

Short Story: Open and Shut

The Vinyl Countdown # 635

Poem: Pizzicato

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 31 - Jonny Potts

John Hammond: Live in San Francisco 1966

Gig Preview: Spines at Meow + Special Guests (Sat, Sept 17)

Short Story: Towards The Inevitable

The Vinyl Countdown # 636

Olivia Wyatt + Bitchin Bajas: Sailing A Sinking Sea [OST]

Rivka Galchen: Little Labors

99 Homes: DVD

Digests: The Best of 2016’s Album Reviews – August

The Vinyl Countdown # 637

Poem: a.s.a.f.p

Moby: Long Ambients 1 - Calm. Sleep.

Rebecca Wallwork: New Kids On The Block's Hangin' Tough (33 1/3)

The Vinyl Countdown # 638

Gig Review: Engelbert Humperdinck (August 31, Wgtn)

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 127 Fly Agaric

Poem: overraskelse

The Vinyl Countdown # 639

Mark Pritchard: Under The Sun

Poem: Measures

The Vinyl Countdown # 640

V/A: Day of the Dead

The Avalanches: Essential Mix

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 30 - Matt Vickers

The Vinyl Countdown # 641

Poem: calm defiance

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds: La Arana Es La Vida

PJ Harvey: Two NZ Shows (Jan, 2017)

Gig Review: Henry Rollins (August 28, Wgtn)

The Vinyl Countdown # 642

Bob Mould: Patch The Sky

Matt Vickers: Lecretia's Choice - A Story of Love, Death and the Law

The Bronze: DVD

Poem: Row, Row

The Vinyl Countdown # 643

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 126 Post Office

Sarathy Korwar: Day To Day

The Avalanches: Wildflower

Poem: Key attributes

The Vinyl Countdown # 644

Angel Olsen: Two NZ Shows (Dec, 2016)

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 29 - Sylvie Simmons

Beth Orton: Kidsticks

The Vinyl Countdown # 645

Mudcrutch: 2

Gig Review: Shayne P. Carter (August 19, Wgtn)

R.I.P. Toots Thielemans

Prince: HITnRUN phase two

The Vinyl Countdown # 646

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 125 The Musical Drama

Emika: Klavirni

Tom Roston: I Lost It At The Video Store - A Filmmakers' Oral History of a Vanished Era

Poem: The Truth

The Vinyl Countdown # 647

Get The Blessing: Astronautilus

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein: Stranger Things, Vol. 1 [OST]

Playlist: Random Record Crate # 20

The Vinyl Countdown # 648

Poem: Stoic

Du Blonde: Welcome Back To Milk

Sam Hunt: Salt River Songs

The Vinyl Countdown # 649

Steve Gunn & Black Twig Pickers: Seasonal Hire

R.I.P. Bobby Hutcherson

Ron Sexsmith: Carousel One

Poem: Happy Daze

Heinali: A Wave Crashes

The Vinyl Countdown # 650

Golden Rules: Golden Ticket

Poem: The World According To Colonial Fantasies

Terence Blanchard: Breathless

The Kills: Ash & Ice

The Vinyl Countdown # 651

Gate: Saturday Night Fever

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 124 The Sound Guys

Mr. Dynamite - The Rise of James Brown: DVD

Short Story: South Side

The Vinyl Countdown # 652

Drive-By Truckers: It's Great To Be Alive!

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 28 - Jeff Boyle (Jakob)

V/A: Suicide Squad - The Album [OST]

The Vinyl Countdown # 653

WWE Eric Bischoff - Sports Entertainment's Most Controversial Figure: DVD

Poem: Can't Be Taught

The Vinyl Countdown # 654

Jessica Abel: Out On The Wire - The Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio

Violent Femmes: We Can Do Anything

Thunderbitch: Thunderbitch

The Vinyl Countdown # 655

Poem: Burden Love

Blue Man Group: Three

The Vinyl Countdown # 656

Betty Davis: The Columbia Years 1968-69

The Troggs: NZ Tour – November/December 2016

Robert Forster: Songs To Play

The Vinyl Countdown # 657

Tour Diary: # 8 – Sydney from a 747

Poem: Deathweb

Jennifer Keishin Armstrong: Seinfeldia - How A Show About Nothing Changed Everything

The Vinyl Countdown # 658

Suicide Squad: Film

Big Thief: Masterpiece

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 123 Union Hall – Part Two: Violent Femmes

The Vinyl Countdown # 659

Gig Review: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard (August 05, Sydney)

Poem: Eternity Rose, Toppled Over, No More

Jeff Beck: Loud Hailer

The Vinyl Countdown # 660

Tour Diary: # 7 – Oakland Stroke

Playlist: Random Record Crate # 19

Digests: The Best of 2016’s Album Reviews – July

The Vinyl Countdown # 661

Poem: Gesture

Tour Diary: # 6 – L.A. For Just A Day (Or Two) and Disneyland For Life

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 122 Strathmore

Gig Review: Jonathan Richman (July 28, Oakland)

The Vinyl Countdown # 662

Oren Ambarchi / Jim O’Rourke: Behold

Poem: ?

Tour Diary: # 5 – Vegas Baby…Vegas – “I Didn’t Know They Were Vampires…I Didn’t Know It Was A Devil Town…”

Scott McClanahan/Ricardo Cavolo: The Incantations of Daniel Johnston

Gig Review: Blue Man Group (July 24, Las Vegas)

The Vinyl Countdown # 663

Poem: The Upside Of It

Five Albums I’m Loving Right Now: Josh Hetherington

Gig Review: Robby Krieger Band (July 23, Las Vegas)

Adrienne Fenemor: Mo' Puddin'

The Vinyl Countdown # 664

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 27 - Fraser Agnew

Gig Review: Paul Williams (July 22, Las Vegas)

Tour Diary: # 4 – Fresh Prints in Bellevue, We Hardly Even Seattle But I Like It

The Very Best: Makes A King

Poem: Onus

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 121 The Women’s Hospital

Gig Review: Sting & Peter Gabriel (July 21, Seattle)

Born To Be Blue: Film

The Vinyl Countdown # 665

Poem: A Road Song For Oscar

Claire Fox: 'I Find That Offensive!'

Tour Diary: # 3 – Past The Mission – I Don’t Believe I Went Too Far…

The Vinyl Countdown # 666

Ghostbusters: Film

William Tyler: Modern Country

Tour Diary: # 2 – A Great Day To Turn 40, No Poo at The Zoo but Kubrick Remains His Own Rubric and Oakland Feels Like A Jam

The Vinyl Countdown # 667

Santana: Santana IV

Miles Ahead: Film

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 120 Love In The Canyons

Tour Diary: # 1 – The Streets of San Francisco

Aphex Twin: Cheetah EP

The Vinyl Countdown # 668

Poem: Gristmill

V/A: Come & See Me - Dream Babes & Rock Chicks From Down Under

Jonathan Richman: Ishkode! Ishkode!

The Vinyl Countdown # 669

Red Hot Chili Peppers: The Getaway

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 26 - Lisa Crawley

Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee + Various Artists: Bunny Lee’s Kingston Flying Cymbals (1974-1979)

The Vinyl Countdown # 670

What Noisy Cats: A Different Ocean

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 119 If I Were You

V/A: Ciao Bella! – Italian Girl Singers of the 1960s

Faris: Mississippi To Sahara

John Cale: Music For A New Society/M:FANS

The Vinyl Countdown # 671

Tortoise: The Catastrophist

Killing Joke: Pylon

Poem: Prophet Margin

V/A: Ork Records - New York, New York

Phil Collins: Both Sides (Deluxe Edition)

The Vinyl Countdown # 672

Rhian Sheehan: We Are Stars [OST]

Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name: Blue Velvet Revisited

WWE Payback 2016: DVD

Phil Boniface: BaixaBlue

Josh Haden: Mysteries of the Pyramids

The Vinyl Countdown # 673

Gold Medal Famous: The Smooth Jazz EP

Woo: Awaawaa

Wendy Atkinson: The Last Fret

The Claypool Lennon Delirium: Monolith of Phobos

Poem: John Martyn

Mark Knopfler & Evelyn Glennie: Altamira [OST]

Peggy Guggenheim - Art Addict: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 674

Margaret Glaspy: Emotions and Math

Lubomyr Melnyk: Rivers and Streams

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 118 Rock Against Racism

Nick Drnaso: Beverly

The Vinyl Countdown # 675

Five Albums I’m Loving Right Now: Dan Wilcox aka Sweep

Poem: Better Daze

Tracey Thorn: Solo - Songs and Collaborations: 1982-2015

Digests: The Best of 2016’s Album Reviews – June

The Vinyl Countdown # 676

Bill Frisell: When You Wish Upon A Star

R.I.P. Rob Wasserman

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 25 - Roger Shepherd

Poem: Not A Careful Study

Milos Karadaglic: Blackbird - The Beatles Album

R.I.P. Scotty Moore

The Vinyl Countdown # 677

Allen Toussaint: American Tunes

Everett True (ed): 101 Albums You Should Die Before You Hear

50FOOTWAVE: Bath White (ep)

R.I.P. Bud Spencer

Neil Young + Promise of the Real: Earth

Poem: 3 Maxims

Fried: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 678

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 117 Legal Highs and Lows

R.I.P. Michael Herr

Playlist: England’s Dreaming – Last Brexit To…?

Poem: The Fearful & Entitled

Delaney Davidson: Devil In The Parlour

The Vinyl Countdown # 679

R.I.P. Bernie Worrell

Poem: Spirit of India (Eulogy)

Avishai Cohen: Into The Silence

Roger Shepherd: In Love With These Times - My Life With Flying Nun Records

The Vinyl Countdown # 680

Tindersticks: The Waiting Room

Marc Maron: More Later

Poem: My Industrial Love Song

The Vinyl Countdown # 681

No Money, Only Petrol Vouchers - But It's Great For Your Brand!

Ny Oh: Lovely and Honest (ep)

The Hunting Ground: DVD

Playlist: A Winter Shakedown

case / lang / veirs: case / lang / veirs

Poem: Sirens

Writers on Mondays: July-September 2016

Two-Bit Waltz: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 682

Playlist: Songs for Sam on his 40th

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 24 - Bonus Ep, Sweetman Podcast Turns 1...

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 116 The Paintings - Part Two

The Vinyl Countdown # 683

WWE Straight Outta Dudleyville: The Legacy of The Dudley Boyz

Edward Ross: Filmish - A Graphic Journey Through Film

DJ Setlist: The Winter Shakedown, San Fran, Friday, June 17, 2016

The Vinyl Countdown # 684

The Girl In The Book: DVD

DJ Setlist: Sam’s 40th – Hawke’s Bay, Saturday, June 11, 2016

Gig Preview: The Overdogs at Fringe Bar (Friday, June 24)

The Vinyl Countdown # 685

Gig Review: Lisa Fischer and Grand Baton (June 12, Wgtn)

Misconduct: DVD

Poem: Crisis? What Crisis?

Dexys: Let The Record Show - Dexys Do Irish and Country Soul

The Vinyl Countdown # 686

The Winter Shakedown Friday 17/06/16: DJ Set

Gig Review: Wayne Shorter (June 8, Wgtn)

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 23 - Ben Fulton

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 115 Foreign Agent

WWE Wrestlemania 32: DVD

Poem: Combobulation

Bill Fay: Who Is The Sender?

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds: Two NZ Shows (September 2016)

Paul Simon: Stranger to Stranger

Matilda & Me: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 687

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 114 Whangamata

Noah Van Sciver: Fante Bukowski

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 22 - Pip Algie

Short Story: Between The Lines

Authors I Admire: # 13 Neil LaBute

The Vinyl Countdown # 688

Digests: The Best of 2016’s Album Reviews – May

Brandon Easton/Denis Medri: Andre The Giant - Closer To Heaven

Poem: Driving South

The Monkees: Good Times!

The Vinyl Countdown # 689

Los Lobos: Gates of Gold

V/A: The Rough Guide to Gospel Blues

Short Story: Fractured Prose

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 113 Flying Nun

DJ Setlist: Anything Could Happen – A Selection of Kiwi Music for the end of New Zealand Music Month 29/05/16

The Vinyl Countdown # 690

Stubs: #197 – The White Guitar, Wellington, 2015

Eric Clapton: I Still Do

Poem: A Strong Coffee Blues

The Vinyl Countdown # 691

Movies of My Life # 13: Blind Fury

Adrian Tomine: Killing and Dying - Stories

Poem: Grappling

Recovery Sessions at the Southern Cross: Anything Could Happen – A Selection of Kiwi Music for the end of New Zealand Music Month 29/05/16 DJ Set

Stubs: #196 – Moonrise Kingdom, Wellington, 2012

The Vinyl Countdown # 692

Loretta Lynn: Full Circle

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 112 Jayrem Records

Chris Cornell: Higher Truth

Sherman Alexie: Thunder Boy Jr.

Extraction: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 693

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 21 - Jesse Sheehan

John Carpenter: Lost Themes II

Rhian Sheehan: Live at the Wellington Opera House

The Vinyl Countdown # 694

Poem: Family Reunion

Maya Angelou And Still I Rise: Film

Ed Motta: Perpetual Gateways

Ohope Beach School Choir: Bird Song

R.I.P. Guy Clark

The Vinyl Countdown # 695

Iggy Pop: Post Pop Depression

Poem: Appropriation

Gig Review: Cat Power (May 14, Wgtn)

Thanks Mum: A Kiwi Celebration

Allen Toussaint: Live In Philadelphia 1975

The Vinyl Countdown # 696

Poem: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Something Blues

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 111 Ripper Records

A.O. Scott: Better Living Through Criticism

Playlist: Back at the Motel

The Vinyl Countdown # 697

Poem: Thursday

Riot: DVD

Jeff Buckley: You and I

The Vinyl Countdown # 698

V/A: Ministry of Sound - When Cool Was King

Nina: Film

Poem: Some Late Night Junk

Playlist: So You Think You Can Wedding DJ

The Vinyl Countdown # 699

Radiohead: A Moon Shaped Pool

Comedy Festival: James Acaster (San Fran, Wgtn)

Five Films That Stay With Me: Vorn Colgan

The Vinyl Countdown # 700

Steve Braunias: The Scene of the Crime

Playlist: Random Record Crate # 18

Hello I Am David!: Film

Poem: Settling

DJ Setlist: Amy and Martin’s Wedding, Featherston, Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Vinyl Countdown # 701

Cyndi Lauper: Detour

Norman Lear - Just Another Version of You: Film

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 110 New Zealand Music Month

DJ Setlist: The Third Eye – Tuatara Temple of Taste, The Story of Funk, Soul, Jazz, Blues and Groove – Prince Tribute, Friday, May 6, 2016, 6-9pm

Poem: Dead Mouse In The Toaster

The Vinyl Countdown # 702

Tommy Emmanuel: It's Never Too Late

Requiem For The American Dream: Film

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 20 - Jim Wilson

Poem: Beer Honesty

The Vinyl Countdown # 703

KING: We Are King

Poem: Attempting...

The Sound of Her Guitar: Film

Britta Phillips: Luck Or Magic

The Vinyl Countdown # 704

Digests: The Best of 2016’s Album Reviews – April

The Third Eye – Tuatara Temple of Taste: DJ Set (Friday, May 6)

Nathan East - For The Record: Film

Charles Bradley: Changes

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 109 Bricks Theatre

The Vinyl Countdown # 705

DJ Setlist: PRINCE – A Tribute Night, Meow, Friday, April 29, 2016

Poem: Something Different

Mavis Staples: Livin' On A High Note

The Vinyl Countdown # 706

Playlist: Sunday Chill Out Zone

Short Story: Discovery

Steve Martin & Edie Brickell: So Familiar

PRINCE – A Tribute Night: DJ Set

Guest Post: Gig Preview - Mulatu Astatke with the Black Jesus Experience [by Lucien Johnson]

The Vinyl Countdown # 707

Leila Adu: Scary Love Monster - EP

Poem: Acetone

Five Albums I’m Loving Right Now: Mali Mali

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 108 Valhalla

The Vinyl Countdown # 708

R.I.P. Lonnie Mack

Radio Nowhere by Michael Ross: # 9 – Prince Was...

Poem: Mural

The Vinyl Countdown # 709

R.I.P. Prince

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 19 - Tami Neilson

Ryan Adams: 1989

Rachael Ball: The Inflatable Woman

The Vinyl Countdown # 710

Poem: A Long, Strange Trip

Mali Mali: As A Dog Dreams

The End of The Tour: DVD

Gig Review: BOWIE - Waiting In The Sky (Wgtn, April 16)

The Vinyl Countdown # 711

Poem: Poem's Plight

Sturgill Simpson: A Sailor's Guide to Earth

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 107 Mr Inch/JPSE

DJ Setlist: Meow, Before and After Ed Kuepper, Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sasha: Late Night Tales presents Sasha: Scene Delete

The Vinyl Countdown # 712

Ronnie Jones: Satisfy My Soul - The Complete Recordings 1964-1968

Playlist: From A Vinyl Affair

Gig Review: The Stranglers (Wgtn, April 14)

The Vinyl Countdown # 713

Poem: Time

Carter/Morley/Yeats: Two Gigs (Akld/Wgtn) April, 2016

Phil Collins: Face Value (Deluxe Edition)

The Vinyl Countdown # 714

Hush: Film

José James: Yesterday I Had The Blues - The Music of Billie Holiday

Swervedriver to play three NZ Shows with reunited Fur Patrol: June 2016

Playlist: The Story of Funk, Soul, Jazz, Blues & Groove – Pt.1

The Jason McIver Collective: I May No Perf

The Vinyl Countdown # 715

Poem: Such Wisdom

Sherpa: Film

Wellington Jazz Festival: 8-12 June 2016

Dweezil Zappa: Via Zammata'

Chain of Command: DVD

The Impending Adorations: Spectator e.p.

The Vinyl Countdown # 716

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 106 The Lions

Best of Enemies: DVD

Poem: Bad Cover Version

CeeLo Green: TV on the Radio

Greil Marcus: The History of Rock’n’Roll in Ten Songs

The Vinyl Countdown # 717

Squarepusher: Damogen Furies

Vijay Iyer Trio: Break Stuff

Before and After the Ed Kuepper gig: DJ sets at Meow (Sunday, April 17, 2016)

The Vinyl Countdown # 718

Drax Project: T/W/OO (ep)

Record Store Day 2016: Southbound Records

Poem: The Stretch of It

Being Evel: DVD

Ryley Walker: Primrose Green

R.I.P. Merle Haggard

The Vinyl Countdown # 719

Ray Columbus: Now You Shake

Jackie Bristow: Shot of Gold

Do I Sound Gay?: DVD

The The: Hyena [OST]

The Vinyl Countdown # 720

Results: DVD

Short Film: For The Record - Southbound Record Shop

Ed Kuepper: Lost Cities

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 18 - Julia Deans

The Vinyl Countdown # 721

Gig Review: The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band (Wgtn, April 1)

Duke Garwood: Heavy Love

Short Story: Where There's Smoke...

Mike & The Melvins: Three Men And A Baby

The Vinyl Countdown # 722

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 105 Tora Tora Tora 2016

Walter Holland: Phish's A Live One (33 1/3)

Poem: The Life and Death of John Mulgan – A Man Alone

Digests: The Best of 2016’s Album Reviews – March

The Vinyl Countdown # 723

Mike Nock & Roger Manins: Two - Out

Phantom Billstickers: New Partnership behind National Poetry Day 2016

Joe Bonamassa: Blues of Desperation

Arthur Russell: Corn

Robert Glasper Trio: Covered

Poem: Either Way

The Vinyl Countdown # 724

Win Tickets to Strung Out & Pears

Sleeping With Other People: DVD

Roger Waters: Roger Waters The Wall

HÆLOS: Full Circle

Poem: Another True Story

Olafur Arnalds & Alice Sara Ott: The Chopin Project

The Vinyl Countdown # 725

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Will Wood

Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood and The Rajasthan Express: Junjun

Gig Review: Coastella (Paraparaumu, March 26)

The Vinyl Countdown # 726

Record Store Day 2016: Slow Boat Records

WWE Best of RAW & SmackDown 2015: DVD

Butcher Brown: GrownFolk

Will Wood: Magpie Brain & Other Stories

Tiny Ruins & Hamish Kilgour: Hurtling Through (ep)

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 104 Cuba Street

The Vinyl Countdown # 727

Guest Post: Gig Review - Brian Wilson performing Pet Sounds and his Greatest Hits (Akld, March 26) [by Jesse Mulligan]

Aberlardo Barroso with Orquestra Sensación: Cha Cha Cha

Poem: Gameplan

The Diabolical: DVD

Tom Roston: Lily Tomlin – The Kindle Singles Interview

Henry Rollins back to talk to NZ: Two Shows (Akld/Wgtn) Aug 2016

The Vinyl Countdown # 728

Gig Review: Chris Cain, Roy Phillips - Together in Concert for the First Time w/ The Rodger Fox Big Band (Wgtn, March 23)

WWE TLC - Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2015: DVD

Max Richter: Sleep

Grimes: Art Angels

The Vinyl Countdown # 729

J Dilla: Dillatronic

Dope Smoker: Marijuana

Poem: Overture (be)for(e) Sleep

Daft Punk - Unchained: DVD

Gig Review: Uri Caine with The New Zealand String Quartet (March 20, Wgtn)

The Vinyl Countdown # 730

Grandma: DVD

Gig Review: Calexico (March 19, Wgtn)

Poem: Cursed Verses

The Vinyl Countdown # 731

Gig Review: L’Orchestre D’Hommes-Orchestres performs Tom Waits (March 18, Wgtn)

Tourettes and Will Wood: NZ Tour (March/April 2016)

jennylee: Right On!

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 103 Mushroom to Mushroom

DJ Setlist: San Fran presents “The Chill Out Zone”, Sunday, March 20, 2016

Poem: Mentioning Something About Love

Gig Review: D'Angelo and the Vanguard (March 17, Wgtn)

The Vinyl Countdown # 732

Robbie Robertson: Hiawatha and the Peacemaker

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 17 - Chris Cain

V/A: Late Night Tales presents After Dark: Nocturne

San Fran presents “The Chill Out Zone”: DJ Set/s (Sunday, March 20, 2016)

The Vinyl Countdown # 733

Five Films That Stay With Me: Philip Matthews

WWE Best Pay-Per-View Matches 2015: DVD

Auckland Writers Festival: 10-15 May, 2016

Stubs: #195 – Enter The Dragon: Karsh Kale and Midival Punditz, Wellington, 2010

Gig Review: Both Sides Now - Julia Deans sings Joni Mitchell (March 13, Wgtn)

Short Story: In Sides

The Vinyl Countdown # 734

Kurt Elling: Passion World

Gig Review: A Night With Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra With Wynton Marsalis (March 12, Wgtn)

WWE Royal Rumble 2016: DVD

Deantoni Parks: Technoself

Wellington Jazz Festival 2016: First Announcement – Wayne Shorter Quartet (June 8)

Poem: 10 Working Days

The Vinyl Countdown # 735

Gig Review: Tami Neilson and Her Hot Rockin' Band of Rhythm! (March 11, Wgtn)

Field Music: Commontime

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 102 The New Bodge

NZ Festival Writers Week: The Kids Are Alright

Poem: Drunk Dating Rules

The Vinyl Countdown # 736

Gig Review: Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra w/ Wynton Marsalis and NZSO: Swing Symphony (March 10, Wgtn)

The City: Now That Everything's Been Said

NZ Festival Writers Week: Slam Poetry With Anis Mojgani

Stubs: #194 – Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, Wellington, 2010

The Vinyl Countdown # 737

NZ Festival Writers Week: Jamie Curry and Mallory Ortberg - Life Online

Poem: Rolling Bad

Gig Review: Verlaines (March 9, Wgtn)

Elliott Smith: Heaven Adores You Soundtrack

NZ Festival Writers Week: Anna Smaill - Where Music Reigns

The Vinyl Countdown # 738

Poem: Speaking Honestly on Honesty

Gig Review: The Chills (March 8, Wgtn)

NZ Festival Writers Week: Miranda July - Lost Child!

Dave Dobbyn: Harmony House

R.I.P. Sir George Martin

Amy Schumer - Live At The Apollo: DVD

Poem: Fall Back

V/A: God Don't Never Change - The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson

Record Store Day 2016: List of Special Releases

The Vinyl Countdown # 739

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 16 - Dave Dobbyn

Poem: Broken Yellow Lines

Gig Review: Sufjan Stevens (March 6, Wgtn)

Mary G. Hurd: Kris Kristofferson - Country Highwayman

The Vinyl Countdown # 740

Darlene Love: Introducing Darlene Love

Poem: Dumbway

Nick Cave: The Sick Bag Song

The Vinyl Countdown # 741

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 101 The Old Bodge

Poem: Sinister Cycle

Stubs: #193 – Orchestra Wellington – Baby Pops: Back To The Jungle, Wellington, 2013

DJ Setlist: A Vinyl Affair, Wellington’s Record Fair, San Fran, Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Vinyl Countdown # 742

Win Tickets to Tami Neilson in Wellington (Friday, March 11, 2016)

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck - The Home Recordings

DJ Setlist: The Third Eye – Tuatara Temple of Taste, The Story of Funk, Soul, Jazz, Blues and Groove, Friday, March 4, 2016, 6-9pm

The Vinyl Countdown # 743

Stubs: #192 – The Black Keys, Wellington, 2012

Playlist: Some More Songs I Played At The Golden Dawn

Shelby Lynne: I Can't Imagine

Gig Review: Sleater-Kinney (February 29, Akld)

The Vinyl Countdown # 744

Sufjan Stevens: Carrie and Lowell

Stubs: #191 – Rocktober, Concert, Wellington, 2012

Digests: The Best of 2016’s Album Reviews – February

The Vinyl Countdown # 745

Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman: Lice (ep)

A Vinyl Affair – Wellington’s Record Fair: Saturday, March 5, 2016

Carrie Brownstein: Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 100 Birth

Alexander Hallag: Shh…The Music Is Talking

DJ Setlist: The Golden Dawn, 5-8pm Shift, Friday, February 26, 2016

The Vinyl Countdown # 746

Stubs: #190 – NZSM Jazz Festival – Gala Concert, Wellington, 2011

Emailing a Mummy: The Garage-Rockers That Put The Band in Bandages Will Answer Your Questions If They’re Just Dumb Enough

The Third Eye – Tuatara Temple of Taste: DJ Set (Friday, March 4)

Gig Review: Prince (February 24, Akld)

Khruangbin: The Universe Smiles Upon You

Rock music is freedom, the Eagles are shit, John Key’s a liar and we’re getting what we put up with – which is why we’re getting shit; Jaz Coleman talks…and talks…

Glen Hansard: A Season on The Line (ep)

The Vinyl Countdown # 747

Gary Peacock Trio: Now This

WWE Survivor Series 2015: DVD

Brian Jonestown Massacre: Mini Album Thingy Wingy

Stubs: #189 – Orchestra Wellington: Pounamu, Wellington, 2013

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 99 The Stones

The Vinyl Countdown # 748

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 15 - Leila Adu

Ed Kuepper: Two Solo Shows following Stranglers Support: (April 2016)

V/A: Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight [OST]

John Mayall: Find A Way To Care

The Vinyl Countdown # 749

V/A: VINYL (Music from the HBO Original Series, Vol. 1)

Stubs: #188 – City and Colour, Wellington, 2013

The Golden Dawn: DJ Set (Friday, February 26)

Shawn Michaels: Wrestling For My Life

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 98 The Football

The Vinyl Countdown # 750

Mdou Moctar: Arounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai

Sonny Landreth: Bound By The Blues

Stubs: #187 – Diana Krall, Wellington, 2010

Five Films That Stay With Me: Adam Fresco

Nik Cohn: The Noise From The Streets

The High Llamas: Here Come The Rattling Trees

Jaz Coleman – Spoken Word: One NZ Show (Feb 28, 2016)

The Vinyl Countdown # 751

Roscoe Holcomb: San Diego Folk Festival 1972

Charlie Puth: Nine Track Mind

Better off Read Podcast: Episode 29 – Stranger Music by Leonard Cohen

WWE Live in NZ: August 10, 2016

Video Premiere: Bluebeards and Monsters by Leila Adu

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 97 Post-Punk

Short Story: Fresh Feeling

Stubs: #186 – Paul Ubana Jones, Wellington, 2012

Hillary Clinton / Young Lover: Theatre

The Vinyl Countdown # 752

Prince: One NZ Show (Feb, 2016)

Five Films That Stay With Me: Jimmy Jones

Stubs # 185 - Don McGlashan & Friends, Wellington, 2010

Gig Review: Thundercat (February 3, Wgtn)

Playlist: Key’d (right) In – Tunes and Songs that Might Move Max

The Vinyl Countdown # 753

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 14 - Emily Writes

Massive Attack: Ritual Spirit (ep)

Short Story: Trickle-Down Clown

The Vinyl Countdown # 754

Digests: The Best of 2016’s Album Reviews – January

Stubs: #184 – Jan Maree, Wellington, 2012

The Cactus Blossoms: You're Dreaming

The Vinyl Countdown # 755

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 96 Peter Robinson

Charles Bukowski: On Cats

Poem: Wilderness

The Vinyl Countdown # 756

Stubs: #183 – Cliff Richard, Wellington, 2013

Poem: Regression

Blind Boy Paxton: NZ Tour (March, 2016)

The Vinyl Countdown # 757

Stubs: #182 – First Aid Kit, Wellington, 2012

Simon Critchley: Bowie

Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band: Three NZ Shows (Feb, 2016)

Five...No THREE Films That Stay With Me: Jessica Graham

The Vinyl Countdown # 758

Stubs: #181 – Rufus Wainwright, Wellington, 2010

R.I.P. Colin Vearncombe/Black

Cyrus Chestnut: A Million Colors In Your Mind

The Vinyl Countdown # 759

Daniil Trifonov and The Philadelphia Orchestra w/ Yannick Nezet-Seguin: Rachmaninov Variations

The Hateful Eight: Film

Stubs: #180 – The Housemaid, Wellington, 2010

The Vinyl Countdown # 760

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 13 - Into Orbit

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 95 Cats

V/A: The Fatboy Slim Collection

Stubs: #179 – Yo La Tengo, Wellington, 2014

Short Story: Bird's Eye View

The Vinyl Countdown # 761

Poem: Proof-Reading

Stubs: #178 – Joshua Redman Quartet, Wellington, 2014

The Vinyl Countdown # 762

David Bowie: ★

Low: Two NZ Shows (April, 2016)

The Vinyl Countdown # 763

Stubs: #177 – Rodriguez, Wellington, 2013

Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake: Modern Surf Classics

Claudia Rankine: Citizen - An American Lyric

The Vinyl Countdown # 764

Playlist: Some Songs I Played At The Golden Dawn One Time

Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans: The Gift [OST]

Tara Murtha: Bobbie Gentry's Ode To Billie Joe (33 1/3)

The Vinyl Countdown # 765

Win Tickets to Lou Barlow

Roger Waters The Wall: DVD

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 94 Bowie

The Vinyl Countdown # 766

Gig Review: Kate Tempest (January 14, Wgtn)

V/A: Bobby Gillespie presents Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down

Short Story: Neighbourhood Fragments # 5

DJ Setlist: The Underground presents…BOWIE – DJs Play Tribute to the Starman, San Fran, Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Vinyl Countdown # 767

Gig Review: Kurt Vile (January 13, Wgtn)

Poem: a faded photograph...

The Underground presents…BOWIE – DJs Play Tribute to the Starman: Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Vinyl Countdown # 768

Kurt Vile: b'lieve i'm goin' down...

Helios: Yume

R.I.P. David Bowie

Five Films That Stay With Me: Elaine Shute

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 93 Facebook

Glass Vaults: Sojourn

Questlove: Soul Train - The Music, Dance, and Style of a Generation

Poem: Amateur Magician

The Vinyl Countdown # 769

Sisters: Film

Poem: Finding It

Five Albums I’m Loving Right Now: Darren Hanlon

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 12 - Reece Morrow

The Vinyl Countdown # 770

Warren Zanes: Petty - The Biography

Playlist: Katy and Simon’s Wedding Music

Zombi: Shape Shift

The Vinyl Countdown # 771

Poem: Meltdown

Playlist: Slices of Heaven

The Vinyl Countdown # 772

David Spade: Almost Interesting - The Memoir

The Ghost of Electricity: War Stories by Jon McLeary # 92 Over The Gully

Roy Orbison: One Of The Lonely Ones

The Gift: DVD

Digests: The Best of 2015’s Album Reviews – December