Sitemap - 2013 - Sounds Good!

It Was The Best Gig Ever # 4: Stephane Grappelli, Wellington, 1997

The Vinyl Countdown # 1212

The Wolf of Wall Street: Film

It Was The Best Gig Ever # 3: Faith No More, Wellington, 1993

Julien Dyne: December

The Hangover Part III: DVD

It Was The Best Gig Ever # 2: Bailterspace, 1995-2000

The Vinyl Countdown # 1213

Poem: Beatitude

It Was The Best Gig Ever # 1: Eric Clapton, Auckland, 1990

DJ Setlist: The Great Kiwi BBQ Soundtrack, San Francisco Bath House, Saturday, December 28

Black Minnaloushe: Vacant Lot

The Vinyl Countdown # 1214

Great Kiwi BBQ Soundtrack: Preview

The Vinyl Countdown # 1215

Terri Lyne Carrington: Money Jungle - Provocative in Blue

Max Richter: The Last Days on Mars [OST]

Mahut: We Never Look Up

The Vinyl Countdown # 1216

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Garth Browning

Jon Hopkins: Immunity

Off The Tracks’ Christmas Message: Year in Review 2013

The Vinyl Countdown # 1217

Gig Review: Helmet (December 20; Wgtn)

Poem: Irony of Description

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Josh Haden

The Vinyl Countdown # 1218

Bobby Whitlock: Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Voodoo aka VDMC

Playlist: The Very Best of Led Zeppelin

DJ Setlist: Motel Bar, Thursday, December 19, 2013

William Onyeabor: Who Is William Onyeabor?

Playlist: The Young Ones

Rokia Traore: Beautiful Africa

Sons of Kemet: Burn

The Vinyl Countdown # 1219

The Great Kiwi BBQ Soundtrack: DJ Set

Sarah Neufeld: Hero Brother

Boards of Canada: Tomorrow's Harvest

T54: In Brush Park

Poem: The Wheel In Motion

Burial: Rival Dealer EP

Morrissey: Autobiography

David Dallas: Falling Into Place

Gig Review: Belinda Carlisle (Dec 14, Wgtn)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1220

Jet Jaguar: Five Production Mistakes...

Poem: THOUGHTS - After My Grandfather's Funeral

Cave: Threace

Neko Case: The Worse Things Get...

Nick Granville Group: Refractions

The Vinyl Countdown # 1221

Patty Griffin: American Kid

Make Hummus Not War: DVD

DJ Setlist: Motel Bar, Saturday, December 14, 2013

Freelance Whales: Diluvia

Poem: Jealousy

Neil Finn & Paul Kelly: Goin' Your Way

The Vinyl Countdown # 1222

Gig Review: Swamp Thing (Dec 11, Wgtn)

DJ Setlist: Motel Bar, Thursday, December 12, 2013

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Phoebe Hurst

New Way Home: Mirrors

Leather Sheets: Officer's Mess EP

Win Tickets To See The Boomshack Band This Saturday Night

Mick Turner: Don't Tell The Driver

The Means: The Ends EP

Poem: Mirror, Mirror...On His Wall

The Vinyl Countdown # 1223

Nicolas Jaar: Our World

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Jon Mcleary

Poem: Songs For A Blue Guitar # 2

Clive Farrington: Independence

Chris Forsyth: Solar Motel

The Vinyl Countdown # 1224

Poem: How Elton John Narrowed It Down

Hammock: Oblivion Hymns

Charles Bradley: Soul of America

V/A: 20 Feet From Stardom [OST]

Playlist: Random Record Crate # 7

The Bryan Ferry Orchestra: The Jazz Age

The Vinyl Countdown # 1225

Poem: Reclining (On) The Naked Horse

Four Tet: Beautiful Rewind

The Flaming Lips and Friends: The Time Has Come To Shoot You Down...What A Sound

Poem: Good On Him!

The Digg: Sal's Kitchen

Poem: Truth # 2

DJ Setlist: Motel Bar, Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Vinyl Countdown # 1226

Jonathan Wilson: Fanfare

Poem: That Bird(s) Can Fly

Xiu Xiu: Nina

The Vinyl Countdown # 1227

Darkside: Psychic

Playlist: So This Is Christmas?

Quasimoto: Yessir Whatever

Poem: Of Fleeting Moments

Tamikrest: Chatma

Poem: Everybody Needs

Playlist: For The Birds

Shogun Orchestra: Black Lotus

Muirhouse: DVD

Poem: Like: A Virgin

The Rodger Fox Wellington Jazz Orchestra: The Capitol Sessions

Quadron: Avalanche

Short Story: Conceiving Michelle

The Vinyl Countdown # 1228

Vijay Seshadri: 3 Sections

The Bling Ring: DVD

David Long: Beyond The Edge [OST]

This Is The End: DVD

Keith Jarrett: No End

Linda Ronstadt: Simple Dreams - A Musical Memoir

John Hanlon: After The Dam Broke

Icebreaker w/ BJ Cole: Apollo

The Vinyl Countdown # 1229

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: James Bradfield

Poem: Poem For Little Richard

The Vinyl Countdown # 1230

DJ Setlist: Motel Bar, Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fly My Pretties: The Homeland Recordings

DJ Setlist: Square Wave Festival - Vinyl Only Night

Ping Pong: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 1231

Nils Frahm: Spaces

Ian Doescher: William Shakespeare's Star Wars

The Rolling Stones: Let's Spend The Night Together

Playlist: Random Record Crate # 6

Roky Erickson: Don't Slander Me

The Vinyl Countdown # 1232

Gig Review: Neutral Milk Hotel (Nov 22, Wgtn)

Andrew Bird: I Want To See Pulaski At Night

Poem: [Genrefying Can B Terrifying]

The Vinyl Countdown # 1233

Before Midnight: DVD

Farewell of The Bath House: Phoenix Foundation and Hang The DJ

Poem: E#mOtIONaL

Beyond The Edge: Film

Melvins: Tres Cabrones

Poem: Herbie Hancock -

The Vinyl Countdown # 1234

DJ Setlist: Motel Bar, Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lord Echo: Curiosities

Poem: Destiny's Child Dream

Reeb Willms & Caleb Klauder: Oh Do You Remember

The Vinyl Countdown # 1235

Kelly Joe Phelps Ain't No Sinner, Man

Savages: Silence Yourself

Poem: Spirit of India

Huntsville: Past Increasing, Future Receding

Poem: Update on The Breeze & I

The Vinyl Countdown # 1236

Ahmad Jamal: Saturday Morning

Jenny Bornholdt: A Book Is A Book

The Drab Doo Riffs: Home Surgery - 2009-2013

Poem: Equation

Marc Maron: Attempting Normal

Cut/Copy: Free Your Mind

The Vinyl Countdown # 1237

Christoph El' Truento: A series of oopsie daisies and various other flora

Poem: Tchaikovsky

Arve Henriksen: Places of Worship

DJ Setlist: Motel Bar, Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Vinyl Countdown # 1238

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Angela Green

The Vinyl Countdown # 1239

Kurt Vile: it's a big world out there (and i am scared)

DJ Setlist: Motel Bar, Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bonobo: Late Night Tales

Poem: One Couple's Happiness

James Reid: Saint

The Vinyl Countdown # 1240

Sebastien Tellier: Confection

Laremy Legel: 60 Hours Among The Juggalos

Poem: Midwife

Billy Crystal: Still Foolin' 'Em

The Vinyl Countdown # 1241

Dean Wareham: Emancipated Hearts

Poem: Voyeur

Arcade Fire: Reflektor

Gig Review: M. Ward (Nov 9, Wgtn)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1242

Gig Review: The Members (Nov 8, Wgtn)

Then The Wind Changed: DVD

The Mission Concert 2014: Line-up Announced

Enrico Pieranunzi: Live at the Village Vanguard

Poem: After Craig Armstrong

The Vinyl Countdown # 1243

Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Blue Record

Short Story: funk

Tony Allen: An Autobiography of The Master Drummer of Afrobeat

The Flaming Lips: Peace Sword

The Vinyl Countdown # 1244

Poem: Reaching For The Word

The Vinyl Countdown # 1245

DJ Setlist: Motel Bar, Thursday, November 7, 2013

Poem: In Belief

The Phantom Billstickers Cafe Reader: Issue # 2

Bailterspace: Trinine

Gig Review: Rhian Sheehan with Orchestra Wellington (Nov 2, Wgtn)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1246

Poem: People Need People

V/A: Greatest Hits From Outer Space

Gig Review: Matt Corby (Oct 30, Wgtn)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1247

Connan Mockasin: Caramel

Playlist: Random Record Crate # 5

Lilly Wood and The Prick: The Fight

Poem: Joke

Matthew E. White: Outer Face

The Vinyl Countdown # 1248

Poem: a point meant for me

Gig Review: Lawrence Arabia (Nov 1, Wgtn)

Poem: Hate Mail

Kelly Joe Phelps: Brother Sinner & The Whale

DJ Setlist: Halloween - Motel Bar, Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Vinyl Countdown # 1249

Dreams of a Life: DVD

The Legend of Liam Clancy: NZ TV Premiere

Donald Fagen: Eminent Hipsters

Katie Soljak: Sex 4 Sale

Poem: The Gold-Dig Variations

Rhian Sheehan: Stories from Elsewhere LIVE

The Exponents: Eight Days At Roundhead

The Vinyl Countdown # 1250

Buffalo Killers: Ohio Grass

Playlist: Roadtrippin'

Poem: Rejecting Rejection

R.I.P. Lou Reed

The Vinyl Countdown # 1251

Poem: Owed to Bob (an ode to Dylan)

Portlandia: Series Two

Incubus: If Now Now, When?

Gold Leaves: The Ornament

Tyler, The Creator: Goblin

Adam Cohen: Like A Man

Gold Medal Famous: 100 Years of Rock

Vorn: Down For It

Peter Murphy Celebrates 35 Years of Bauhaus: NZ Shows

The Vinyl Countdown # 1252

Poem: 3 Keys

Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit: #12 The Indifferent Velvet Void

Playlist: Random Record Crate # 4

NZ Festival: Programme has launched - check it out

Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit: #11

Short Story: Establishing HER

The Vinyl Countdown # 1253

Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit: #10 Pink Flying Saucers Over The Southern Alps

Iron Maiden: Behind The Beast

The Vinyl Countdown # 1254

Megan Sidwell: Forever On A Sunday

Poem: The Piano

Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit: # 9 Horsepower

Playlist: Tony Allen - Starter Kit

The Vinyl Countdown # 1255

Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit: #8 Prayers Be Answered

Poem: That Girl

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Chris Wilson

Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit: #7 Say It Is So

The Vinyl Countdown # 1256

Over The Rhine: Meet Me At The Edge Of The World

Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit: #6 The White House

One Direction: Going Our Way

Short Story: Deceiving April

Cody ChesnuTT Is Under The Spell of a Spiritual Handout

Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit: #5 Paul Ubana Jones

Playlist: Random Record Crate # 3

Forced To Fight: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 1257

Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit: #4 The Islander

Playlist: Halloween

Poem: Protocol

Pink Martini: Get Happy

Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit: #3 Double Your Strength, Improve Your Health and Lengthen Your Life

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Matthew Kelly

DJ Setlist: Motel Bar - Thursday, October 17, 2013

Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit: #2 The Sound of Trees

The Vinyl Countdown # 1258

Anthonie Tonnon: Live At The Inch Bar (13.11.12)

Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit: #1 The Stereo Bus

Playlist: Random Record Crate # 2

Myron & E. with The Soul Investigators: Broadway

JMR Higgs: KLF - Chaos Magic Music Money

Poem: Pub Circle

It Was The Best Gig Ever: New Series

The Vinyl Countdown # 1259

Jim O’Donnell: John Lennon Did Not Die A Slow Death

Classic Albums I Can't Ever Listen To Again: #12 Pearl Jam, Ten

Poem: I Won't

Classic Albums I Can't Ever Listen To Again: #11 Bruce Springsteen, Born In The USA

The Vinyl Countdown # 1260

Classic Albums I Can't Ever Listen To Again: #10 Dire Straits, Brothers In Arms

Lee Ranaldo and The Dust: Last Night On Earth

Playlist: Random Record Crate # 1

Classic Albums I Can't Ever Listen To Again: #9 Metallica, Metallica

The Vinyl Countdown # 1261

Poem: For You

Classic Albums I Can't Ever Listen To Again: #8 Jeff Buckley, Grace

Paul McCartney: New

Classic Albums I Can't Ever Listen To Again: #7 Eagles, Hotel California

Bond Street Bridge: The Explorers Club - Antarctica

Classic Albums I Can't Ever Listen To Again: #6 Radiohead, The Bends

The Vinyl Countdown # 1262

Poem: The Interview

Playlist: Check My Machine - Some Electronic Favourites

Classic Albums I Can't Ever Listen To Again: #5 U2, The Joshua Tree

The Vinyl Countdown # 1263

Gig Review: Mountaineater (October 11; Wgtn)

Classic Albums I Can't Ever Listen To Again: #4 Captain Beefheart, Trout Mask Replica

Poem: Simple Wish

Classic Albums I Can't Ever Listen To Again: #3 The Rolling Stones, Exile On Main Street

The Vinyl Countdown # 1264

Poem: Rain Starting On A Sunday Night

Mountaineater: Mountaineater

Classic Albums I Can't Ever Listen To Again: #2 The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Vinyl Countdown # 1265

Charlie Brooker: I Can Make You Hate

Poem: Feline Sketches

Classic Albums I Can't Ever Listen To Again: #1 Pink Floyd, The Wall

Charlie Jones: Love Form

The Vinyl Countdown # 1266

Poem: The Reality

Armin Van Buuren: Intense

Wising Up: A chat with Elvis Costello about his new album with The Roots

The Vinyl Countdown # 1267

Ghidoragh: Threat Level Ultra

Poem: Warren

The Necks: Open

The Vinyl Countdown # 1268

Playlist: Simon Says Dance...To The 80s

Mark Lanegan: Imitations

The Vinyl Countdown # 1269

DJ Setlist: Off The Tracks Presents Simon Says Dance...To The 80s!

Poem: Addict

The Vinyl Countdown # 1270

Point Close All Quotes: A Quietus Music Anthology

Playlist: Songs of Love + Hate

The Vinyl Countdown # 1271

The All Seeing Hand: Mechatronics

Poem: drunken postcard

On The Blower With Gaza: A Chat with Gareth Liddiard of The Drones

Nikita The Spooky and A Circus of Men: Big Sur

Surf City: We Knew It Was Not Going To Be Like This

Lorde: Pure Heroine

Hula Hope: Lamp

Playlist: If I Could Turn Back Time - Songs for Daylight Saving

Darwin Deez: Songs For Imaginative People

The Vinyl Countdown # 1272

The Impending Adorations: Further

Poem: And Later

Mountaineater: Album Preview

The Vinyl Countdown # 1273

Oneohtrix Point Never: R Plus Seven

Playlist: Sailing Our Way - Songs For The Losing of The America's Cup

The Rob Schneider Interview

Scud Mountain Boys: Do You Love The Sun

Poem: Dinner Date

Simon Says Dance...To The Eighties: DJ Set

The Vinyl Countdown # 1274

Psychodeus: An Ode To The Numinous

Poem: Beatles Memory

John Densmore: The Doors - Unhinged

Laneway 2014: Lineup Announcement

Arctic Monkeys: AM

The Vinyl Countdown # 1275

Deacon Blue: The Hipsters

Poem: We've All Got 'Em (A Blues in E)

Eric Burdon: 'Til Your River Runs Dry

The Vinyl Countdown # 1276

Poem: Good About Sad

Beach Fossils: Clash The Truth

Chelsea Light Moving: Chelsea Light Moving

The Vinyl Countdown # 1277

Poem: We Part

Jason Zinoman: Searching For Dave Chappelle

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Hayley Theyers

Playlist: Out of This World - The Cure DJ Set

The Vinyl Countdown # 1278

DJ Setlist: Off The Tracks Presents Out Of This World

Elvis Costello and The Roots: Wise Up Ghost

Poem: even less

Regurgitator: Dirty Pop Fantasy

Joe Satriani: Unstoppable Momentum

R.I.P. Media 3

Poem: From The Making Of

Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood: Black Pudding

The Vinyl Countdown # 1279

Sharknado: Film

Janelle Monae: The Electric Lady

Poem: Charlie Parker

Blue Jasmine: Film

Lou Doillon: Places

The Vinyl Countdown # 1280

Dean Blunt: The Redeemer

Poem: When You Drink The World's Still Out There But For That Moment It Hasn't Got You By The Throat

Kinski: Cosy Moments

Roscoe Mitchell: Duets With Tyshawn Sorey & Special Guest Hugh Ragin

The Vinyl Countdown # 1281

Poem: High Coup

Cody ChesnuTT: Landing On A Hundred

Lisa Crawley: All In My Head

The Vinyl Countdown # 1282

Primus: Sailing The Seas of Cheese (Deluxe Edition)

Poem: Dating Joni Mitchell

The Vinyl Countdown # 1283

Trance: DVD

Burt Bacharach: Anyone Who Had A Heart

Poem: "Try The Eighties"

Olivier Libaux: Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age

Jackson And His Computerband: Glow

Poem: Mirroring

The Vinyl Countdown # 1284

Compliance: DVD

Keith Jarrett: Somewhere

Lorde: The Love Club EP

Playlist: Storm Warning - Songs about the Wind and Wild Weather

Pixies: EP-1

The Vinyl Countdown # 1285

Poem: Buddy Bolden

Nightmares on Wax: Feelin' Good

Wilco: The Whole Love

Bjork: Biophilia

Robbie Fulks: Gone Away Backward

The Vinyl Countdown # 1286

Dennis O'Brien: Still In The Same Dream - Songs 1972-1982

The Vinyl Countdown # 1287

Nine Inch Nails: Hesitation Marks

Poem: Compliance

Playlist: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Break-Up Songs

Gig Review: Japandroids (September 6; Wgtn)

Aoife O'Donovan: Fossils

The Vinyl Countdown # 1288

Poem: Burroughing Through Bowie

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Bryce Wastney

The Vinyl Countdown # 1289

Playlist: Redneck Wonderland - Songs for the New Australian Government

Poem: Deal

The Vinyl Countdown # 1290

Ladi6: Automatic

Rita Rae Roxx: Once Upon A Rock Star

Poem: Rain Soaked Reconciliation

The Vinyl Countdown # 1291

Booker T: Sound The Alarm

Poem: The Aperture of Memory

The Vinyl Countdown # 1292

Al Jourgensen: Ministry - The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen

Mali Mali: Gather 'Round The Gooseclock

Poem: Strangely Evoking

Huey Lewis & The News: Sports (30th Anniversary Edition)

Poem: Something

The Vinyl Countdown # 1293

One Man Bannister: Evolver

Ry Cooder & Corridos Famosos: Live In San Francisco

Poem: Ultimate Kylie

The Winter: Flying Visit (ep)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1294

Poem: Director's Notes For Discarded Tom Waits Video Concept

Martha Wainwright: Come Home To Mama

Bob Dylan: Bootleg Series, Vol. 10 - Another Self Portrait

The Vinyl Countdown # 1295

Poem: Auteurism

Out of This World - The Music of The Cure: DJ Set

The Vinyl Countdown # 1296

Melvins: Everybody Loves Sausages

Poem: Sitting Down With This Old Clown

The Vinyl Countdown # 1297

The Mantarays: Garden of Light

Gig Preview: The All Seeing Hand/Orchestra of Spheres - FREE

Poem: pound for Pound

The Vinyl Countdown # 1298

Playlist: Loving The Alien - David Bowie DJ Set

DJ Setlist: Off The Tracks Presents Loving The Alien

Lustmord: The Word As Power

Poem: Dead Horse, Of Course, Dead Horse

Salad Boys: Salad Boys

Sheep, Dog & Wolf: Egospect

Golden Suits: Golden Suits

Poem: Kurt Cobain - In His Own Write

Playlist: David Bowie In Wellington, 2004

Crocodiles: Crimes of Passion

Everywhere + Nowhere: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 1299

Poem: Just Me After 1am

Phil Broadhurst Quartet: Flaubert's Dance

Wooden Wand: Blood Oaths of the New Blues

The Vinyl Countdown # 1300

Poem: The 10 Commandments of Music Journalism

The Vinyl Countdown # 1301

iSPY: a GCSB Mixtape

Poem: Load

Luke Haines: Rock and Roll Animals

The Vinyl Countdown # 1302

Poem: Sestina Essay

R.I.P. Elmore Leonard

Ed Byrne: Crowd Pleaser

The Vinyl Countdown # 1303

Poem: (for want of a better title)

The Handsome Family: NZ Tour Announcement

Kirin J. Callinan: Embracism

Bilal: A Love Surreal

The Vinyl Countdown # 1304

Short Story: Selling Amanda

"Weird Al" Yankovic: Live! - The Apocalypse Tour

The Vinyl Countdown # 1305

Gig Review: Head Like A Hole (August 15; Wgtn)

Poem: No Crossed Words

Transistors: Is This Anything?

The Vinyl Countdown # 1306

Poem: From 'The Bob Files'

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Matthew Bannister

Mark Mulcahy: Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You

The Vinyl Countdown # 1307

Empire of the Sun: Ice On The Dune

Phantom Billstickers Presents: Kiwi Poets

Poem: Synchronicity (Part 3)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1308

Not A Terence Trent D'Arby Interview

Jed & Hera: Live At York Street

Ghost Wave: Ages

The Vinyl Countdown # 1309

Poem: Biography

Tim Harrington: This Little Piggy

Congo Natty: Jungle Revolution

Julian Barnes: Levels of Life

AlunaGeorge: Body Music

Flight: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 1310

Short Story: Nine Lives

The Vinyl Countdown # 1311

Poem: Instructions For(e)Play

The Clean: Vehicle (Reissue)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1312

Short Story: Knowing Lisa

Album Preview: Ry Cooder's new live record

Poem: Cuba Mall

The Pogues: The Pogues In Paris - 30th Anniversary Concert at The Olympia

Little Boots: Nocturnes

Poem: Opacity

Loving The Alien - The Music of David Bowie: DJ Set

The Vinyl Countdown # 1313

Poem: Conversation in Levin

Naoki Higashida: The Reason I Jump

The Vinyl Countdown # 1314

Short Story: Illuminating Samantha

KT Tunstall: Invisible Empire/Crescent Moon

The Last Skeptik: Thanks For Trying

Poem: Mercy Killings

The Vinyl Countdown # 1315

James Blackshaw: Love Is The Plan, The Plan Is Death

Feist: Metals

Poem: Obbligato

Roxette: A Collection of Roxette Hits

Highway: Highway

Bella Kalolo: Without The Paper

V/A: Listen To Me - Buddy Holly

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings: Soul Time!

Slash: Made In Stoke 24/7/11

David Dallas: The Rose Tint - Deluxe Edition

From Scratch: Songs For Heroes

Sting: Best of 25 Years

Laura Marling: A Creature I Don't Know

Lisa Crawley: Everything That I Have Seen

Victoria Girling-Butcher: Summit Drive

The Vinyl Countdown # 1316

Poem: Wendy From Feilding

Graveyard Love: Dissociate

Barry Gifford: Imagining Paradise - New and Selected Poems

Walton: Beyond

The Vinyl Countdown # 1317

Poem: Upper Hutt Soccer Clubrooms

Charity Children: The Autumn Came

The Vinyl Countdown # 1318

Poem: Philip Glass Transcribed

And So I Watch You From Afar: All Hail Bright Futures

She & Him: Volume 3

The Vinyl Countdown # 1319

Poem: She Said/He Said

Beware of Mr. Baker: Film

The Vinyl Countdown # 1320

Robert Pollard: Honey Locust Honky Tonk

The Skeptics: Sheen of Gold

The Vinyl Countdown # 1321

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Matthew Couper

DJ Setlist: Off The Tracks Presents Purple Reign

Steve Gunn: Time Off

Aerosmith: Rock For The Rising Sun

The Vinyl Countdown # 1322

This Ain't No Mouse Music: Film

Behind The Candelabra: Film

The Vinyl Countdown # 1323

Orchestra Wellington: Pounamu

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Simon Ogston

Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson: Mo' Meta Blues

R.I.P. JJ Cale

Ornette: Made In America

The Vinyl Countdown # 1324

Superturtle: Beat Manifesto

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Andrew B. White

Win Tickets to The Crowd: Film with Live Score

The Vinyl Countdown # 1325

Jamie Cullum: Momentum

The Strokes: Comedown Machine

The Imposter: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 1326

Purple Reign - The Music of Prince: DJ Set

Tricky: False Idols

Pet Shop Boys: Electric

Into The East: Fight From The Inside

The Vinyl Countdown # 1327

A Band Called Death: Film

Queens of the Stone Age: Like Clockwork

Matthew Herbert: The End of Silence

Warren Miller's...Like There's No Tomorrow: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 1328

Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit: New Series

The Vinyl Countdown # 1329

Gangster Squad: DVD

Pamela Des Barres: One Night Bands

D'Angelo: Live In Oslo

The Vinyl Countdown # 1330

On Song Wins PANZ Book Design Awards

The Vinyl Countdown # 1331

Nile Rodgers: Le Freak

Side Effects: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 1332

Ian Worrall: My Top 30 Drummers

The Vinyl Countdown # 1333

The Veils: Time Stays, We Go

Palms: Palms

India.Arie: SongVersation

The Vinyl Countdown # 1334

Anil Ananthaswamy: Do No Harm

Huoratron: Cryptocracy

The Vinyl Countdown # 1335

Zaine Griff: Child Who Wants The Moon

Willy DeVille: In New Orleans

Spain: The Soul of Spain

The Vinyl Countdown # 1336

Gig Review: Anthonie Tonnon (July 11; Wgtn)

Steve Vai: The Story of Light

The Vinyl Countdown # 1337

Billy Talent: Dead Silence

Antibalas: Antibalas

Tahuna Breaks: Shadow Light

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Nick Dwyer

The Vinyl Countdown # 1338

Charlie Horse: I Hope I Am Not A Monster

Caro Emerald: The Shocking Miss Emerald

The Blue Nile: Hats (Reissue)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1339

Will.I.Am: #Willpower

Poem: Luck

The Vinyl Countdown # 1340

Harry Browne: The Frontman - Bono

Royksopp: Late Night Tales

Suzanne Vega: Close Up Vol. 4 - Songs of Family

The Vinyl Countdown # 1341

Trixie Whitley: Fourth Corner

Disclosure: Settle

The Vinyl Countdown # 1342

Exclusive: Win a copy of the new Daft Punk album

George "The Animal" Steele: Animal

The Basement Tapes: The Vapour EP

The Vinyl Countdown # 1343

Are You Our Next Unpaid, Unqualified, Positively Free Ticket-Getting Reporter?

The Queen of Versailles: DVD

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Anthonie Tonnon

The Vinyl Countdown # 1344

David Sedaris: Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls

Rick Bryant and The Jive Bombers: The Black Soap From Monkeyburg

The Vinyl Countdown # 1345

Pete Townshend: Who I Am

The Vinyl Countdown # 1346

Fat Freddy's Drop: Blackbird

Michael Bolton: The Soul Of It All

The Knife: Shaking The Habitual

Jonathan Bree: The Primrose Path

Cuttooth: Cuttooth

Boa Constrictors: Nice Try

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Nikita The Spooky and A Circus of Men

The Vinyl Countdown # 1347

Shannon McNally: Small Town Talk

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Simon Grigg

Mick Harvey: Four (Acts Of Love)

Mark O'Connell: Epic Fail - Bad Art, Viral Fame and the History Of The Worst Thing Ever

The Vinyl Countdown # 1348

Django Unchained: DVD

Emika: DVA

The Vinyl Countdown # 1349

Guest Blog: The Winter - 2011

Moebius + Tietchens: Moebius + Tietchens

Oliver Sacks: Hallucinations

Kanye West: Yeezus

Gig Review: The Black Angels (June 19; Wgtn)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1350

Glenn Frey: After Hours

Love Story: DVD

Jonny Greenwood: The Master [OST]

The Vinyl Countdown # 1351

Sam Allen: Low Cost Culture

DJ Shadow: Reconstructed - The Best of DJ Shadow

The Vinyl Countdown # 1352

Rhiain And The Utter Strangers: Heartplusmelody

Fake Blood: Fabriclive.69

The Vinyl Countdown # 1353

Josephine: Portrait

My painting by Youth

The Black Angels: Indigo Meadow

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound: Howl

The Vinyl Countdown # 1354

DJ T-Rock & Squashy Nice: Getting Through

John Holmstrom: The Best of PUNK Magazine

Tosca: Odeon

Lianne La Havas: Is Your Love Big Enough?

Hemingway & Gellhorn: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 1355

Easy Star All-Stars: Easy Star's Thrillah

Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa: Seesaw

Nathan Haines: Vermillion Skies

The Vinyl Countdown # 1356

The Death And Resurrection Show: Killing Joke Documentary

Mudhoney: Vanishing Point

The Vinyl Countdown # 1357

How To Destroy Angels: Welcome Oblivion

The Vinyl Countdown # 1358

Bibio: Silver Wilkinson

Black Sabbath: 13

The Vinyl Countdown # 1359

Elvis Costello: In Motion Pictures

West of Memphis: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 1360

The Great Gatsby: Film

The Winter: 10 Years On

Gig Review: MANTIS - The Music of Drew Menzies (June 8; Wgtn)

Sylvie Simmons: I'm Your Man - The Life Of Leonard Cohen

Vampire Weekend: Modern Vampires Of The City

R.E.M: Green - 25th Anniversary Edition

The Vinyl Countdown # 1361

My Favourite Piece of Work

Reuben Bradley: Presents MANTIS: The Music of Drew Menzies

Gig Review: Cassandra Wilson (June 7; Wgtn)

Joan Armatrading: Starlight

Vivid Festival: Inside The Evolving World of Photojournalism, Photo Agencies and Newspapers

The Vinyl Countdown # 1362

Museum: Traces Of

Will Work For Money

Cissy Houston: Remembering Whitney

The Vinyl Countdown # 1363

Jesse Sheehan: How The Light Gets In

Boards Of Canada: Album Preview

The Vinyl Countdown # 1364

Wellington Jazz Festival 2013: Q&A with Lucien Johnson

The Drones: I See Seaweed

Alan Cross: Kraftwerk - The Secret History

The Vinyl Countdown # 1365

The Vinyl Countdown # 1366

Fuyuko's Fables: Everybody Is Weird

David Buckley: Kraftwerk - Publikation

P-Money: Gratitude

Phosphorescent: Muchacho

The Vinyl Countdown # 1367

Public Service Broadcasting: Inform - Educate - Entertain

Gig Review: Heritage Orchestra Performs Music From Blade Runner - Vivid Festival (May 26, Sydney)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1368

David Byrne & St. Vincent: Brass Tactics EP

They Might Be Giants: Nanobots

Spoilers of Utopia: Spoilers of Utopia

The Vinyl Countdown # 1369

Touré: I Would Die 4 U - Why Prince Became An Icon

Richard Marx: A Night Out With Friends

John Murry: The Graceless Age

Gig Review: Bobby Womack - Vivid Festival (May 25, Sydney)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1370

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: David Eggleton

Gig Review: Kraftwerk - Radio-Activity (May 24, Sydney)

Gig Review: Kraftwerk - Autobahn (May 24, Sydney)

Leonard Cohen: Fifteen Poems

Gaslamp Killer: Breakthrough

Bat For Lashes: The Haunted Man

The Vinyl Countdown # 1371

Swamp Dogg: Rat On!

Vivid Festival: Sydney, May 24-June 10, 2013

The Vinyl Countdown # 1372

The Exponents: Prime Rocks

The National: Trouble Will Find Me

The Vinyl Countdown # 1373

Eels: Wonderful, Glorious

Stephen King: Guns

The Impending Adorations: Intentions

The Vinyl Countdown # 1374

Donald Fagen: Sunken Condos

Blind Melon: Blind Melon (Reissue)

A MusiCares Tribute to Barbra Streisand: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 1375

Daft Punk: Random Access Memories

Peter Ames Carlin: Bruce

Rod Stewart: Time

Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy: What The Brothers Sang

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Megan McCarthy

Andrew Bird: Hands of Glory

Tattletale Saints: How Red Is The Blood

The Handsome Family: Wilderness

I'm Your Man: Gig Preview

The Vinyl Countdown # 1376

Jonathan Biss: Beethoven's Shadow

Matt Langley: Virginia Avenue

One Direction: Up Close & Personal

Jaga Jazzist: Live With The Britten Sinfonia

Hugh Laurie: Didn't It Rain

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Rennie Sparks (The Handsome Family)

Iggy & The Stooges: Ready To Die

Tony Bennett: Life Is A Gift - The Zen of Bennett

!!!: Thr!!!er

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Brett Sparks (The Handsome Family)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1377

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Blair Everson

Comedy Festival: Tom Green (Opera House, Wgtn)

R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman

Gig Review: Unida and Beastwars (May 4, Wgtn)

DJ Kentaro: Contrast

The Phantom Billstickers Cafe Reader: Issue # 1

Fleetwood Mac: Extended Play - EP

Gig Review: Lawrence Arabia (May 3, Wgtn)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1378

Gig Review: The Bads (May 2, Wgtn)

Wake Owl: Wild Country EP

Rick Moody: On Celestial Music

Dobie: We Will Not Harm You

Brad Mehldau Trio: Where Do You Start

The Vinyl Countdown # 1379

Nikita The Spooky and a Circus of Men: Live at Happy

Gig Review: King Tuff (April 30, Wgtn)

Charles Bradley: Victim of Love

The Blue Rose: Season One Review

Angelique Kidjo: Spirit Rising

Win Tickets To The Gunslingers' Ball (Wellington & Carterton)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1380

Caetano Veloso & David Byrne: Live At Carnegie Hall

Jozef van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch: The Mystery of Heaven

R.I.P. Bob Brozman

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Dianne Swann

The Vinyl Countdown # 1381

Jon Ronson: Lost at Sea - The Jon Ronson Mysteries

Billy Bragg: Tooth & Nail

R.I.P George Jones

Classic Albums I Can't Ever Listen To Again: New Series

The Phoenix Foundation: Fandango

8 Foot Sativa: 10 Years of Sativa

Swamp Dogg: Total Destruction To Your Mind

Terror of the Deep: Death of the Gideon

The Vinyl Countdown # 1382

Sarah Jane Barnett: A Man Runs Into A Woman

Strayhound: Nocturne

Phoenix: Bankrupt!

Peter Gabriel: Live Blood

Melody's Echo Chamber: Melody's Echo Chamber

Karl Bartos: Off The Record

Nick Raven: Love And Lomography

The Vinyl Countdown # 1383

Adam Carolla: Not Taco Bell Material

The Vinyl Countdown # 1384

Urbantramper: Tomorrow We Leave Here

The Jeff Healey Band: House On Fire (Demos & Rarities)

Max Richter: Recomposed, Vivaldi - The Four Seasons

Gig Review: David Kilgour (April 20; Wgtn)

Shihad: Churn

If I Only Had Time: The John Rowles Autobiography

Stornoway: Tales From Terra Firma

Beastwars: Blood Becomes Fire

Peter Frampton: Live In Detroit

The Vinyl Countdown # 1385

The Flaming Lips: The Terror

Reelin’ In The Years: The Soundtrack of a Northern Life

Calibre: Fabriclive.68

2013 Taite Music Prize Winner: SJD

Letherette: Letherette

The Vinyl Countdown # 1386

R.I.P. Dave McArtney

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Nick Raven

Hollis Brown: Ride On The Train

Devendra Banhart: Mala

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Jimmy Jones

The Vinyl Countdown # 1387

James Blake: Overgrown

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Ella Rose

Steve Earle & The Dukes (and Duchesses): The Low Highway

The Vinyl Countdown # 1388

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Aly Cook

Exclusive: Win A Copy of the New Beastwars Album

Bonobo: The North Borders

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Frank Eggleton

Loudon Wainwright III: Older Than My Old Man Now

The Vinyl Countdown # 1389

The Return of The Big Day Out

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Matthew Sylvian

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Push The Sky Away

The Vinyl Countdown # 1390

Joan Baez To Play Two New Zealand Shows

Gig Review: Paul Simon (April 8; Akld)

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Benjommin Semaj

Kurt Vile: Wakin On A Pretty Daze

The Vinyl Countdown # 1391

Willy Moon: Here's Willy Moon

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Peter Grattan

Kurt Elling: 1619 Broadway - The Brill Building Project

The Vinyl Countdown # 1392

Mean: Knowing

Ray Woolf: The Sixties Collection

Paul Simon: Gig Preview

Etta James: Etta Is Betta Than Evvah!

PCP Eagles: I Hate The Mall

The Vinyl Countdown # 1393

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Lincoln Barr

The Boy In The Song: The True Stories Behind 50 Rock Classics

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Module

The Coup: Sorry To Bother You

I'm Your Man: An Evening Celebrating The Words and Music of Leonard Cohen

Win Tickets to Frank Turner in Wellington and Auckland

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Albare iTD

The Be Good Tanyas: A Collection (2000-2012)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1394

V/A: Soul Jazz Records Presents Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2

Paul McCartney: The Love We Make

Omar Carmenates: The Gaia Theory

The Bads: Travel Light

Steve Martin: The Television Stuff

Record Store Day 2013: Slow Boat Records

JP Young: Anniversary Day

The Vinyl Countdown # 1395

Michael Houstoun: Inland

Red Jacket Mine: Someone Else's Cake

Sam Hunt: Knucklebones - Poems 1962-2012

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Darryl Kirk

Nataly Dawn: How I Knew Her

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Neil Nathan

The Vinyl Countdown # 1396

Rhian Sheehan: Stories From Elsewhere

V/A: Cliff Heard Them Here First

Sound City: A film by Dave Grohl

Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe

The Raveonettes: Observator

The Vinyl Countdown # 1397

Lapalux: Nostalchic

On Song: Forum and Chat - Upper Hutt

50 Licks: Myths and Stories from Half A Century of The Rolling Stones

The Vinyl Countdown # 1398

Eric Clapton: Old Sock

Badd Energy: Underwater Pyramids

The Vinyl Countdown # 1399

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Frank Turner

The Vinyl Countdown # 1400

Gil Scott-Heron: The Revolution Begins

Gig Review: Neil Young & Crazy Horse (March 19, Wgtn)

Jonathan Lethem: Talking Heads' Fear of Music (33 1/3)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1401

Robyn Hitchcock: Love From London

The Vinyl Countdown # 1402

The Vinyl Countdown # 1403

Searching For Sugar Man: DVD

The Vinyl Countdown # 1404

The Vinyl Countdown # 1405

Darkstar: News From Nowhere

V/A: Essential 20th Century Classics

The Million Sellers: The UK’s Greatest Hits

Husky: Forever So

My Father and The Man in Black: Film

Paul Kelly: Spring and Fall

Broadcast: Berberian Sound Studio

Gig Review: Kronos Quartet (March 11, Wgtn)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1406

David Bowie: The Next Day

The Vinyl Countdown # 1407

Jamie Lidell: Jamie Lidell

The Vinyl Countdown # 1408

The Vinyl Countdown # 1409

Paul Van Ross: The Buck Stops Here

AnikaBoh&Hollie: Peace Of Mind

Sigur Ros: Valtari Film Experiment

The Vinyl Countdown # 1410

The Drum: A History

Alvin Lee has gone home: R.I.P.

The Vinyl Countdown # 1411

Produced By George Martin: DVD

Carole King: A Natural Woman - A Memoir

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Nathan Faanana

Blues Philosophy For Everyone: Thinking Deep About Feeling Low

Tania Giannouli & Paulo Chagas: Forest Stories

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Nerdy Frames

Gig Review: Moon Duo (Sat, March 2; Wgtn)

Bob Brozman: Fire In The Mind

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Meat and Bone

Chilly Gonzales: Solo Piano II

Michael Houstoun: Lilburn - Music for Solo Piano

Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell: Old Yellow Moon

The Close Readers: New Spirit

Tomahawk: Oddfellows

The Vinyl Countdown # 1412

Richard Thompson: Electric

Moon Duo: Circles

The Chieftains: Live Over Ireland - Water From The Well

This Must Be The Place: Film

The Vinyl Countdown # 1413

Sound It Out: The Very Last Record Shop In Teesside, UK

The Vinyl Countdown # 1414

The Ruby Suns: Christopher

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Gary Steel

Girls - Volume 1 Soundtrack: Various Artists

The Vinyl Countdown # 1415

The Vinyl Countdown # 1416

AC/DC: Live At River Plate

Win Tickets to Cat Power in Wellington

The Vinyl Countdown # 1417

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Elle Hunt

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Jan Hellriegel

The Vinyl Countdown # 1418

Pere Ubu: Lady From Shanghai

The Wedding Present: Live this weekend - and instore at Slow Boat...

The Vinyl Countdown # 1419

Gig Review: DJ Yoda (Feb 15, Wgtn)

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Luke Sole

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Garth Cartwright

Unknown Mortal Orchestra: II

The Vinyl Countdown # 1420

@Peace: Girl Songs (ep)

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Ken Double

Neil Nathan Inc: Sweep The Nation

Matthew E White: Big Inner

Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite, Get Up!

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Rhian Sheehan

The Isley Brothers: Greatest Hits DVD

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Marty Jones

Gig Review: Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Fleetwood Mac: Rumours - 35th Anniversary Edition

Keb Darge & Little Edith: Legendary Wild Rockers 2

The Vinyl Countdown # 1421

V/A: Kiwiana Goes Pop

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Lisa Crawley

The Vinyl Countdown # 1422

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Andy Hummel

Aaron Neville: My True Story

Jeff Lynne: Long Wave

Come Together: A Night For John Lennon’s Words & Music

The Vinyl Countdown # 1423

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Julian Hanton

Less Than Jake: Greetings & Salutations

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Brendan Smyth

Solange: True

The Vinyl Countdown # 1424

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Dan Sperber

Exclusive Album Stream: Old Man Diode & Rick Holland

West of Memphis: Voices For Justice (OST)

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Squashy Nice

Gig Review: Bailterspace (Feb 1, Wgtn)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1425

Radiohead: The Stories Behind Every Song

R.I.P. Sir Paul Holmes

The Vinyl Countdown # 1426

The Vinyl Countdown # 1427

Marley: A Film by Kevin Macdonald

My Dick: My Dick's Double Full-Length Release

Petra Haden: Petra Goes To The Movies

Rodriguez: Searching For Sugar Man (Soundtrack)

The Vinyl Countdown # 1428

No One Here Gets Out Alive: Tribute To Jim Morrison

Gig Review: A Place To Bury Strangers

The Rolling Stones: Crossfire Hurricane

Gig Review: Lawrence Arabia (Jan 26, Wellington)

Tina Turner: One Last Time - Live In Concert

Legends of Rock'n'Roll: DVD

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Andrew Paul Wood

Johnny Cash: Presents A Concert Behind Prison Walls

The Vinyl Countdown # 1429

Yo La Tengo: Fade

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Sam Boivin

The Vinyl Countdown # 1430

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Kara Gordon

The Vinyl Countdown # 1431

The Future Is The Beginning: The Words and Wisdom of Bob Marley

The Vinyl Countdown # 1432

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: James Milne (Lawrence Arabia)

Aerosmith: Music From Another Dimension!

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Vorn Colgan

The Vinyl Countdown # 1433

David Fray: Bach, Partitas Nos. 2 & 6, Toccata BMV 911

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Philip Matthews

The Vinyl Countdown # 1434

The Vinyl Countdown # 1435

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Trevor Faville

Will You Take Me As I Am: Joni Mitchell's Blue Period

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Mark Thomas

The Vinyl Countdown # 1436

Beth Ditto: Coal To Diamonds - A Memoir

The Vinyl Countdown # 1437

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Guy Somerset

New David Bowie Song

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Chris Philpott

The Vinyl Countdown # 1438

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Noelle McCarthy

Sharpie Crows: Nostalgia Kills

LCD Soundsystem: Shut Up And Play The Hits

The Vinyl Countdown # 1439

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Music on Film Series

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Peter Baillie

The Vinyl Countdown # 1440

Greg Johnson: Exits

Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now: Dave Berry