Jul 3, 2022Liked by Simon Sweetman

Such a great movie. When I introduced my kids to it they (sadly) didn't love it as much as I always have. Perhaps I just need to make them watch it a few more times haha

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hahaha - yes, forcing a child to watch your favourite movie and like it always goes down well eh ;)

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Jul 4, 2022Liked by Simon Sweetman

Can't wait to show this to my boy. Also 11. There's been many films I've shown him too early. Too early for him to have some lived experience of his own that he could relate to up there on the screen.

We moved to Featherston late late year. My boy leaving his mates behind (kinda but not really). But he picked up a group of new mates and often he comes home after achool, dumps his bag, gets changed and takes off on his bike to roam around, going to the pool, into the Bush and all those things he couldn't do living where we did in Wellington. He came to me one day and told me he was now really happy we moved for all those above freedoms.

I'm starting to feel like the time is right to watch this with him.

In the best way and with the best company 😉

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