Dec 6, 2023Liked by Simon Sweetman

I think the lame Now and Then was my breaking point with The Beatles Industrial Complex. Or the utterly superfluous Revolver remixes. Enough already. Get Back was worth it - amazing. But 53 years later they’re still sucking up all the oxygen and will do until Paul pops because he can’t let go. I love them, or at least I love those records, but dammit I have Replacements remixes to obsess over. It’s not the understandable fandom people have, it’s the Fabs constant continuing presence in modern media reinforcing the idea that things will never be that good again because modern music is rubbish. I know you’re still there with it Simon but I kinda switch off now, which is sad.

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You're not wrong.

But then, neither am I. Which is the beauty of it all :)

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