Hi Simon,

My brother is another Simon, working for Starbucks. I was just reading your story, the language is perfect. Since English is not my first, hope I can ask you some questions here on the story. So when someone said “Why do you answer?” (Why do you have to answer even if “John” is not your name), then the coach became quiet for month, is this because he was hurt? Or, he left for some other reasons, no one can be sure? Thanks.

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Hi, thanks for your questions.

Yes, I guess the idea is people are suggesting with the "why do you answer?" that if I don't answer, he'll get the hint that "John" is not my name, since no one is responding. I was forced to respond in these instances since it was a coaching scenario. You could say that by pushing off from the wall and demonstrating the swimming that was "an answer" even without speaking.

And yeah, the suggestion is that he went quiet out of embarrasment, out of clicking that it wasn't really my name. Then he left. But you're right, no one can be sure of that at all. Hence it's only a suggestion. A bit of a tease.

Again, thanks for reading.

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