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Sweetman Podcast: Episode 239 - Andrew Armitage (Aro Video)

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 239 - Andrew Armitage (Aro Video)

An in-depth conversation with Andrew Armitage, owner of one of the last video rental stores standing in New Zealand, the legendary Aro St. Video Shop (Aro Video). We talked about his life and beginnings, his passions of music and film and where they came from and how they were shaped. We talked synth-pop and discovering the guitar to be a singer/songwriter later in life. We talked about the development of the shop in its growth years, the transition to DVD from VHS, when Flight of the Conchords played in the store to promote the release of their DVD and the last decade of 'hanging on' in the streaming era. We talked a lot about podcasts too - mine, this one and Andrew's (currently on hiatus, the brilliant Back To The Disc Player). Huge chat with a local legend.