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Sweetman Podcast: Episode 111 - Gil Eva Craig

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 111 - Gil Eva Craig

An in-depth chat with Gil Eva Craig, a Wellington-based musician, photographer and sound-tech. Gil was a musician first and foremost - she was a member of one of my favourite bands for a time, Sugarbug. She still plays, including an enduring collaboration with Charlotte Yates but her main gig is as a sound engineer, including sound design for theatre. She's been on the monitors and front of house sound for live bands and in the studio tracking, mixing and mastering. She's part of Western Audio with husband Andy Craig and outside of that she continues to compose and design and collaborate with theatre and has a sideline in photograph printing and design. It was my first time meeting Gil though I estimate we've previously been in the same room up at least 1,000 times.