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Poetry Reading: 3 More ‘Richard Poems’ — LIVE

Poetry Reading: 3 More ‘Richard Poems’ — LIVE

A new phone recording of preamble and three more new “Richard” poems live at The Fringe Bar, Thurs, May 2, 2024

You’ll remember that last month I went down to the Fringe Bar and read some new poems:

I’ve decided I’ll try get along and read some more of the new “Richard” poems. I’m trying to learn to sit in the moment with these poems, to let them hang. I’m bantering away between them because there’s tension, then release, and hopefully some relief. There’s not a lot of relief from these poems, so that’s where the banter comes in to save. But I’m also trying to provide a wee bit of context, and to still let the poems hang, and live by themselves. A work in progress.

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Anyway, if you’d like to read along, or read them before, or read after, these poems are:



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