Please Listen To Iris By Reb Fountain A.S.A.F.P.

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Today sees the release of the brand new Reb Fountain album. It’s called Iris. You click that link to buy it on vinyl, or CD – or to stream it or download the files. You can access it wherever you access music. Go to your local store and buy a copy if that’s what you do. Or listen to the link on Spotify. Whatever you do, and however you do it, you have to hear this album.

It is no hyperbole to say that this is her finest set of songs, her greatest recorded achievement. And that’s no mean feat. She’s been making great albums for a while now. She’s been creating special, musical moments on the stage. But Iris is where the experience Fountain brings to the stage is matched by the experience you take home and listen to on your stereo.


I’ve been a fan since I first hear her. And I find something to like in everything she does – I’ve watched her be the backing singer for a tribute act, I’ve heard her collaborate with bands and other artists, share ideas, but never dominate the stage. And I’ve watched her own the space as the featured artist.

Of special note is the way she has built an incredible band up around herself. For Iris, it is Reb Fountain, Dave Khan, Karin Canzek and Earl Robertson. Incredible musicians, all.

What I’ve loved seeing – and hearing – over the last half-decade in particular is the evolution and development of Reb Fountain: Song Communicator. She prowls the stage with a song in her heart, an idea of how to sell it to anyone in her head and no one is ever getting in the way. I’ve seen her melt hearts and minds, I’ve seen her win over first-time listeners and as a repeat-customer I’ve been blown away every time I’ve watched her perform.

Now, the albums are great. I think the 2017 EP Hopeful // Hopeless really was the start of the magic (the earlier albums are nice, worth hearing absolutely). But everything has been building across the last few years. And a crucial component has been the Nick Cave show she performs – paying tribute to the songs. I’ve yet to actually see the show. But I know Cave’s music well. And I know Fountain’s music well. And I can hear how the influence has rubbed off on her – she writes and arranges and shapes songs in a way where you can trace the outline, but she has established her voice. There’s no lifting or ripping off. That experience has shaped Reb – and the band. That experience has warmed the waters.

This is the mature pop music I’ve been craving. As a fan of Suzanne Vega, I am satiated. As a fan of Leonard Cohen and Patti Smith and some of Nick Cave’s best work, I am thrilled to hear this and to line it up alongside. I also take from this what I’m sure so many people are taking from Aldous Harding, but I can’t quite grasp that.

I’ve been listening to Iris across the week – in advance. And I’ve played it more than any album I’ve ever been serviced early. On a loop for days. Each song burning its way in. And now I’m excited that you get to hear it. I’m excited for Reb on her release day. I’m excited at the prospect of the tour.

And I get to spend a whole lot more time with this beautiful set of songs; this stunner of a record.

It’s going straight into my Top 10 Albums of 2021.

I’d love to know what you think of it.

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